How $44.90/Month Gives Me 40 Hours/Month Free Time

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    I am always trying new things when it comes to my business in order to grow and increase revenue. One thing that I have never been willing to change was how I did my book keeping and accounting. I was very set on my ways and had a series of Excel documents that I used. Now that I look back it was quite confusing and resulted in a lot of extra work.

    I would send out contracts and have clients scan/email or fax them back and I would manually send out invoices and credit card authorization forms and wait for them to come back the same way. I knew there was an easier way but for some reason I was so stuck on not changing it. I was wasting so much fu#king time every single day chasing these down, following up, getting excuses....."I didn't get it, please resend" etc...

    Finally I decided enough was enough.

    Now, I'm not posting this to try to convince you to use these products, as I have no affiliation with them. This is merely to show you how something SO SMALL...can make such a huge difference in your business.

    We made the switch over 2 months ago, and I couldn't be happier.

    We just use echosign now for all of our contracts. We have all of our templates in word, we complete them, turn them into PDF's then upload them into echosign and easily mark where the signatures, dates, etc need to go, and then send them to the client within minutes. The entire signing process takes minutes. I am now seeing over 90% of all contracts that go out are signed the very same day! Every time I get a completed contract in my email I kick myself in the @ss for not switching over sooner! echosign runs us $14.95 a month and it is worth every penny.

    Also, we now use freshbooks for all invoicing. This runs us $29.95 a month (plus extras based on the number of recurring invoices we have) and it is an amazing system. Not only do the invoices look professional, but you can "set it and forget it" - We enter in a new client, send them the first invoice and then set up recurring invoicing for those on a monthly billing service. It is integrated with our credit card merchant account and there are no more gathering credit card details and then sending out an authorization to sign. Simply create the invoice send it out and get paid. It used to drive me nuts when clients would say they didn't receive the invoice and ask you to send it again while you know that they have it but they are just stalling. Well, with this you can see when they viewed it - there are no more excuses. We spent some time loading all of the services in the account but now it makes creating an invoice a 30 second job.

    These two SIMPLE services free up 40 hours+ a month - I would often find myself going in early or staying late just to handle this crap.

    There are other services like this and I'm not trying to push either - just stating what we used and what has helped big time.

    The point: DO NOT stay stuck in your old ways. Not only should you be looking for ways to grow your revenue, but also explore ways to make your job easier!
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    yes innovate things :)
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    Franklin Hattchet Method
    Franklin Hattchet Method
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    Have been using FreshBooks for quite long. Worth every penny :)

    Though, for signs and all, I use

    For another great thread, thanks mate :)
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    For those of you just getting started, you can use Freshbook's for free with up to 4 clients. (I think it's 4. You can for sure use it for free with a few clients).
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    Yeah it is. I have no idea how I managed before without it lol
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    That's great to hear. I was literally just looking at echosign today. After looking at some other digital signature alternatives, I had decided I'd be going with echosign. Glad to hear it is as good as it seems.
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    Thats a great share buddy! I really love Freshbooks I reccomended it to a few designer buddies of mine, and it makes their job easier especially when they have to make multiple invoices a day for small amounts of money ;)
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    I bought Sage Business suite 6 years ago - just checked and it is still in the cupboard, unopened.

    I innovate everywhere else, but for some reason I am lagging on this - I am checking out the products you mentioned right now.

    Cheers for the motivation!
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    Great point, I currently do a lot of those tasks that you used to do, I understand your pain. Definitely going to consider making the switch soon. Thanks!
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    Check out invoice2go app for the Iphone. My customers get an invoice before I drive out of the car park.