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Jan 8, 2022
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Everything you need to know about the Housefly Ambassador Program

What is Housefly?

Housefly is a Web3 social platform where content creators can earn $MATIC & $USDT from wallet-to-wallet content subscriptions in MATIC on the Polygon blockchain. No Middleman. No Censorship. 100% Anonymous.

What is the Ambassador Program?

The ambassador program is the first-ever decentralized affiliate marketing program where you can earn passive income in USDT, directly in your wallet by referring content creators to Housefly.

Housefly features a first-of-it’s-kind decentralized affiliate commission payouts system where
your list of referrals is written in a smart contract when someone joins Housefly via your referral link and cannot be undone, changed or deleted by anyone. Commission payouts on Housefly are decentralized and automatically executed whenever a creator you referred receives payment from another user on Housefly. NO shaving, NO lost referrals, NO denied or withheld payouts.

✅ How does it work?

You will use a unique referral link to invite content creators to join Housefly and earn 5% commission in USDT from every subscription payment made to creators that joined Housefly through your referral link.

✅ How to generate your referral link?

1️⃣ Connect a supported crypto wallet like MetaMask on Housefly to create an account.
2️⃣ From the Edit Profile page, activate Ambassador mode and grab your unique referral link that will appear on the page under the Ambassador Program section. Look at the video tutorial below:

✅ How can to make a referral commission withdrawal ?

There are no withdrawal requests on Housefly because all payments are decentralized. Your referral commission payment is processed at the time when the peer-to–peer (P2P) subscription payment is minted on the Polygon blockchain, and you instantly receive USDT in your crypto wallet connected with Housefly. Look at the video tutorial below:

✅ How much you can earn ?

It’s all up to you! But if you are willing to invest the time and effort, or you already have an established social community or creators you collaborate with, sky is the limit. Below is an illustration of your potential earnings if you refer 5 average creators per month over a 12 month period.

Ambassador Earnings.png

✅ Refund policy & chargebacks
There is NO refunds or chargebacks on the blockchain. All transactions are final. Once a creator you referred to Housefly collects a subscription payment, you instantly receive your 5% share in your wallet in USDT on the Polygon network.

✅ Contacts & Support
2️⃣ Email: [email protected]
3️⃣ Twitter:

NOTE: We will offer 3 FREE reviews > Make subscription payments to 3 accounts referred by a BHW member's referral link to showcase how the decentralized commission payouts system works.

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Offering 3 FREE reviews with 10 MATIC vouchers... Just drop a comment below to set you up.
We are adding some great features:

✅ On-request earnings withdrawals at request of high transaction volume creators who don't want to file every single subscription transaction in their tax forms.

✅ Ability of JV projects to split the earnings in multiple wallets at time of payment.

Much more coming
We will be also adding tips so fans and followers can rewards creators without subscribing to premium content :) Stay tunned.
What for traffic sources are allowed?
What for a usdt payout (tron or eth?)

UPDATE: New Features & Improvements on Housefly

We are very excited to announce multiple improvements and new features on our platform:

Give & Receive Tips

Starting from today, you will be able to give and receive tips on Housefly in seconds via P2P transactions. Now, in addition to subscriptions and pay-to-view posts, content creators can get rewarded for public content from their fans and followers on voluntary basis.

You will be able to collect donations or run crowdfunding campaigns with your Housefly account and instantly receive the funds directly in your wallet in seconds.

Coinbase Wallet Integration

In addition to MetaMask and Wallet Connect, users will be able to create an account and use our platform with a Coinbase Wallet which is the biggest and prefered digital wallet in the U.S.


You are a content creator on Housefly with a big volume of payment transactions and this is giving you a headache when you need to track and file every transaction in your tax form? NO PROBLEM! Now you will be able to withdraw your earnings in a bulk whenever you decide to. No hustle with tax forms anymore.

Please read our updated Terms of Service and start buzzing !!!
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