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Apr 8, 2007
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This is a simple (not entirely automated) but very simple if you recruit the right people money method.

I started this with a friend initially because he was one of those people on myspace that would post pictures of his body and stuff (like shirtless stuff, it was a dude). He played sports and stuff so he was in great shape.

He would get zillions of comments from those young over jealous girls, "omg so hott, what's your number" or "omg, show more" blah blah on his shirtless myspace pics.

So I helped him setup a personal website (he knows nothing of web design). And started posting his pictures "free". That were tagged and not the full size image, it was cropped down.

Then setup a pay section where people could "donate" for monthly access to view pictures that aren't viewable in the free area + full size images + untagged versions.

After setting up the website, he put the URL on his myspace, and so far that's our only advertising. Since October 12th, it's earned $152 from straight donations (and like $3 from adsense).

I give him a little more $$$ than I would give a random person because I know him. But this can very easily be accomplished by messaging people on myspace, facebook, tagged whatever that are in shape, and appear to have a good quality camera. (Shitty pics = useless)

In review:
1. Find a person to use...Men work the best so use a female friend to find them for you (what I do) if you are a dude and are going to try this.
2. Make sure they understand what's going on, buy the domain, setup the site and tell them you'll give them x% of donations or just give them some set amount/month after the first month and see if that person is going to convert.
3. After posting the pictures and it's setup, tell them to put it on their myspace, and post the link around yourself if you want for more exposure.
4. Keep it updated with new stuff, maybe 5 new pictures per week.
5. And just let the money roll...very low maintenance easy work, you simply just post the new pictures.

Some pointers:

-Let the person know this "may or may not work" so if money doesn't start coming in within the first 2 weeks or something they don't just stop giving you pics to post. Say it will take a little while to get traffic to the site, so be patient. The more pictures the better.

-Advertise to the youthful ones, like 16-20 range that have a paypal. (They are most willing to pay for stupid stuff like this because girls that age wanna see a hot person and their bodies and "abs".

-When seeking out people don't seem like a complete spammer...just explain to them the site idea and see if they're interested. Tell them to send you a few pics so you can determine the quality is good enough and get rolling.

-Don't charge a lot of money, make it small so they don't see it as too high to pay for.

-Hit them up with weekly reminders to join and pay for awesome pictures they can't find in the free sections.

Good luck for those that try be clear on this, I never started this to make money myself (even though I have made some, I did it for my friend). So I don't put ads and all that crap on there, it's straight donations, and some adsense (just recently added to test if it's worth it or not). And like I said the site has earned $152 in a month or so.

You could also try this with a single domain and subdomain it out (save cost on domain names), and charge for access to all user sets or each separately at diff pricing.

It's not hard to get interested people, just don't promise the world to them so it doesn't seem to good to be true.
monetizing it with either wpguardian or bhcb would be good as well.

furthermore, since the majority of your target audience are teenagers, might as well hit 'em with ringtone offers.

nice method.
Agree with Paper-Boy, I'd say a lot more people in that age group would be willing to do a quick email submit or first page submit, rather than pay $3. I'm in the 15-20 age group and most people I know have no idea what Paypal is ;)
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