(HOT)Up and coming Latina / Lowrider Niche adult site needs affiliates!

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    Jun 15, 2010
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    I am with barriogirls DOT com calling all porn affiliate peoples to take advantage of our webmaster program, we are a new site with a good presence as it is but we are not blasted everywhere with current affiliates pushing our site.

    We are not like 8thstreetlatinas, we have a fan base with more of a Mexican touch, Chola girls, Low Rider cars, real shit, the creator Alfonso is actively participating in our facebook account, as well as car shows and such, we have a Fan Base, as well as people who simply want to watch porn.


    If you have connections with Mexican targeted websites you may do especially well with our program.
    We are currently offering %40 commission's plus on recurring members

    You can hit up Mexican Forums such as brownpride.com and other Latina/Latino based websites and do your thing.

    We are a new website still in our beginning stages, if there are any problems, questions, or suggestions I encourage you to write me,
    of course, replace *-AT-* with the @ symbol.
    As you will come to notice if you become an affiliate, we do not have much content to offer our affiliates such as galleries or banners, accept one banner and its kind of lame, and I do apologize for this.

    As i have stated on our webmaster page, you may use any content from our non members section to promote our website.
    go to the bottom of the page on barriogirls DOT com (after you get past the Over 18 page.