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HOT SEO TIP: Stop friggin' slow pasting!!!

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by TDub, Oct 2, 2008.

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  1. TDub

    TDub Newbie

    Dec 9, 2007
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    I don't care how much money you make or what software you wrote, you are still a NOOB if you right-click copy and right-click paste.

    I'm sick of this!!! We lobbyist to help get a new law passed. It hurts when I have to watch grandma do it, but you??? You waste my time!!!!!!

    Get a clue and start using CTRL-C and CTRL-V!!!!!!!

    If you are on a Mac then it's CMD-C and CMD-V!!!!!!

    Keyboard is almost always faster than mouse. Learn how to use it!! Be a keyboard master then you don't have to cry when mousy breaks!!!!!!

    Don't make me have to tell you again! You know who you are and you have been warned.

    P.S. Slow mouse pointers suck too!!! Move your wrist not your hand!!! Less distance = faster spamming
  2. ptsniper

    ptsniper Newbie

    Mar 8, 2008
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    why did u create a thread just to say this?

    please delete or put it in lounge
  3. pinoyvid

    pinoyvid Junior Member

    Jun 12, 2008
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    You learned today how to use your keyboard to copy faster and now you're braggin about in in bhw.
  4. BlackSmack

    BlackSmack Junior Member

    Jul 13, 2008
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    Whale Tail Watcher
    Winblowz key + E opens explorer and Winblowz key + M minimizes all yer open winblowz OMG THANK YOU FOR YOUR POST ..

  5. paymymortgage4me

    paymymortgage4me Junior Member

    Apr 5, 2008
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    I'm An Everywhere Man
    TDub can you please clarify one thing for me.

    Is it CTRL - C and CTRL - V or is it CTRL + C and CTRL + V?

    Sorry guys, that's my lame attempt at a joke!

    This should help you speed up your efforts even faster (copied and pasted from another site):

    Windows system key combinations
    • F1: Help
    • CTRL+ESC: Open Start menu
    • ALT+TAB: Switch between open programs
    • ALT+F4: Quit program
    • SHIFT+DELETE: Delete item permanently

    Windows program key combinations
    • CTRL+C: Copy
    • CTRL+X: Cut
    • CTRL+V: Paste
    • CTRL+Z: Undo
    • CTRL+B: Bold
    • CTRL+U: Underline
    • CTRL+I: Italic

    Mouse click/keyboard modifier combinations for shell objects

    • SHIFT+right click: Displays a shortcut menu containing alternative commands
    • SHIFT+double click: Runs the alternate default command (the second item on the menu)
    • ALT+double click: Displays properties
    • SHIFT+DELETE: Deletes an item immediately without placing it in the Recycle Bin

    General keyboard-only commands
    • F1: Starts Windows Help
    • F10: Activates menu bar options
    • SHIFT+F10 Opens a shortcut menu for the selected item (this is the same as right-clicking an object
    • CTRL+ESC: Opens the Start menu (use the ARROW keys to select an item)
    • CTRL+ESC or ESC: Selects the Start button (press TAB to select the taskbar, or press SHIFT+F10 for a context menu)
    • ALT+DOWN ARROW: Opens a drop-down list box
    • ALT+TAB: Switch to another running program (hold down the ALT key and then press the TAB key to view the task-switching window)
    • SHIFT: Press and hold down the SHIFT key while you insert a CD-ROM to bypass the automatic-run feature
    • ALT+SPACE: Displays the main window's System menu (from the System menu, you can restore, move, resize, minimize, maximize, or close the window)
    • ALT+- (ALT+hyphen): Displays the Multiple Document Interface (MDI) child window's System menu (from the MDI child window's System menu, you can restore, move, resize, minimize, maximize, or close the child window)
    • CTRL+TAB: Switch to the next child window of a Multiple Document Interface (MDI) program
    • ALT+underlined letter in menu: Opens the menu
    • ALT+F4: Closes the current window
    • CTRL+F4: Closes the current Multiple Document Interface (MDI) window
    • ALT+F6: Switch between multiple windows in the same program (for example, when the Notepad Find dialog box is displayed, ALT+F6 switches between the Find dialog box and the main Notepad window)

    Shell objects and general folder/Windows Explorer shortcuts
    For a selected object:
    • F2: Rename object
    • F3: Find all files
    • CTRL+X: Cut
    • CTRL+C: Copy
    • CTRL+V: Paste
    • SHIFT+DELETE: Delete selection immediately, without moving the item to the Recycle Bin
    • ALT+ENTER: Open the properties for the selected object
    To copy a file
    Press and hold down the CTRL key while you drag the file to another folder.
    To create a shortcut
    Press and hold down CTRL+SHIFT while you drag a file to the desktop or a folder.

    General folder/shortcut control
    • F4: Selects the Go To A Different Folder box and moves down the entries in the box (if the toolbar is active in Windows Explorer)
    • F5: Refreshes the current window.
    • F6: Moves among panes in Windows Explorer
    • CTRL+G: Opens the Go To Folder tool (in Windows 95 Windows Explorer only)
    • CTRL+Z: Undo the last command
    • CTRL+A: Select all the items in the current window
    • BACKSPACE: Switch to the parent folder
    • SHIFT+click+Close button: For folders, close the current folder plus all parent folders

    Windows Explorer tree control
    • Numeric Keypad *: Expands everything under the current selection
    • Numeric Keypad +: Expands the current selection
    • Numeric Keypad -: Collapses the current selection.
    • RIGHT ARROW: Expands the current selection if it is not expanded, otherwise goes to the first child
    • LEFT ARROW: Collapses the current selection if it is expanded, otherwise goes to the parent

    Properties control
    • CTRL+TAB/CTRL+SHIFT+TAB: Move through the property tabs

    Accessibility shortcuts
    • Press SHIFT five times: Toggles StickyKeys on and off
    • Press down and hold the right SHIFT key for eight seconds: Toggles FilterKeys on and off
    • Press down and hold the NUM LOCK key for five seconds: Toggles ToggleKeys on and off
    • Left ALT+left SHIFT+NUM LOCK: Toggles MouseKeys on and off
    • Left ALT+left SHIFT+PRINT SCREEN: Toggles high contrast on and off

    Microsoft Natural Keyboard keys
    • Windows Logo: Start menu
    • Windows Logo+R: Run dialog box
    • Windows Logo+M: Minimize all
    • SHIFT+Windows Logo+M: Undo minimize all
    • Windows Logo+F1: Help
    • Windows Logo+E: Windows Explorer
    • Windows Logo+F: Find files or folders
    • Windows Logo+D: Minimizes all open windows and displays the desktop
    • CTRL+Windows Logo+F: Find computer
    • CTRL+Windows Logo+TAB: Moves focus from Start, to the Quick Launch toolbar, to the system tray (use RIGHT ARROW or LEFT ARROW to move focus to items on the Quick Launch toolbar and the system tray)
    • Windows Logo+TAB: Cycle through taskbar buttons
    • Windows Logo+Break: System Properties dialog box
    • Application key: Displays a shortcut menu for the selected item

    Microsoft Natural Keyboard with IntelliType software installed
    • Windows Logo+L: Log off Windows
    • Windows Logo+P: Starts Print Manager
    • Windows Logo+C: Opens Control Panel
    • Windows Logo+V: Starts Clipboard
    • Windows Logo+K: Opens Keyboard Properties dialog box
    • Windows Logo+I: Opens Mouse Properties dialog box
    • Windows Logo+A: Starts Accessibility Options (if installed)
    • Windows Logo+SPACEBAR: Displays the list of Microsoft IntelliType shortcut keys
    • Windows Logo+S: Toggles CAPS LOCK on and off

    Dialog box keyboard commands
    • TAB: Move to the next control in the dialog box
    • SHIFT+TAB: Move to the previous control in the dialog box
    • SPACEBAR: If the current control is a button, this clicks the button. If the current control is a check box, this toggles the check box. If the current control is an option, this selects the option.
    • ENTER: Equivalent to clicking the selected button (the button with the outline)
    • ESC: Equivalent to clicking the Cancel button
    • ALT+underlined letter in dialog box item: Move to the corresponding item
  6. cpaaddict

    cpaaddict Supreme Member

    Apr 6, 2007
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    UK - Bristol
    man now we are getting way to technical for my liking. this is going way over my head
  7. BlackSmack

    BlackSmack Junior Member

    Jul 13, 2008
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    Whale Tail Watcher

    If you take your keyword phrase, ctrl+c then just hold ctrl+v to write your page it will make you #1.
  8. Gogeta

    Gogeta Power Member

    Jun 29, 2008
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    Internet Hustler
    You let the greatest SEO secret out that was worth millions you fool.
  9. Chris Devon

    Chris Devon Power Member

    Jul 2, 2008
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    WTF? I don't care if you have Longevity: 27% or Longevity: 100% you are still a moron in my book. why the fu*ck are you posting this shit even in the Black Hat SEO. Is this some fuc*king new method?
  10. jay101

    jay101 Regular Member

    Mar 16, 2008
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    Is this the prelaunch, or is this a jv offer? Just wondering where the download link is. How soon can we expect results with this method. Well, count me in. I'll buy.
    Lame, lame lame
    Save that dumb shit post for some dp jackoff's needing some groundbreaking seo advice.

    Sorry, but you kinda asked for it, and I'm not usually the one, but couldn't help myself
  11. wtfdididonow

    wtfdididonow Newbie

    Aug 5, 2008
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    Is today, "post stupid crap day" or what?!



  12. BlackSmack

    BlackSmack Junior Member

    Jul 13, 2008
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    Whale Tail Watcher
    Apparently it's "don't quote anyone but respond to posts assuming people know who you are referring to in a reply"

    And I'm not referring to you :D
  13. Entrepreneur

    Entrepreneur BANNED BANNED

    Oct 12, 2007
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    Perhaps i'll get flamed for this, but imao opinion it needs saying.

    Why do people keep posting complete, waste-of-time, bullshit? It lowers the tone of this great forum and is just childish and stupid. Go to WF and post this rubbish, because it's post count boosting shit like this which will push the posters who post real info away.

    And for the record it didn't make me laugh it just caused me to respond in the manner i have, simply because this isn't the first bollocks post i've read this week.

    Cheers (I'm a lover not a fighter for the record) ;)
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  14. simmonsmike7

    simmonsmike7 BANNED BANNED

    Jun 29, 2008
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    What a dumb post...

    Why waste everyones time?
  15. newmanhia

    newmanhia Junior Member

    Aug 1, 2008
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    I have a legitimate question about copying and pasting.
    If there anyway to assign different pastes to different keys?

    For example when I need to open a new account somewhere, I use fakenamegenerator, but I need to copy, switch window, paste, name, copy, switch window, paste street address, etc

    Is there a way to clipboard 5 different pieces of text and assign them to different keys?
    For example, control #1 pastes 1st copy control #2 pasts 2nd copy etc.
  16. mrsix

    mrsix Power Member

    Sep 13, 2008
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    Hallo and welkum 2 teh intarnetz. Plz k33p ur hanz and f33tz insyd teh br0wzer @ all tymez 4 ur own safetiez. 2 ur left u'll c teh mayne intarnetz t00bz. Direktly n frunt ov u iz teh emayl s0rt syztem. 2 ur ryt iz teh intarnetz shortkut menu.
  17. gonzomcribbinz

    gonzomcribbinz Regular Member

    Sep 16, 2008
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    Getting paid.
    I actually saw a piece of software that did stuff like this a while back but as I remember it was more cumbersome to use than actually doing it the old way.
  18. yao1994

    yao1994 Regular Member

    Sep 23, 2008
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    wowowow man

    i need to market this awesome new revolutionary method! i just tested this and it even gives you 10000000 PR10000000 backlinks! waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw :twitch: :twitch: :twitch: :yield: :yield: :yield:
  19. simo

    simo Junior Member

    Aug 11, 2008
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    fuck you sunshine- dont tell me what to do

    how about we all ill control v your face to the bottom of your foot

    cmd v if your a mac user

    fucking most useless post ever

  20. karum

    karum Regular Member

    Feb 9, 2008
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    May i ask you "how old are you?"
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