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  1. Ok, I don't know exactly what everyone here does for their blogs so I thought I would share what I have been doing and ask for some feedback. I am a noob but I spend a lot of time reading here and felt that a thread was needed for feedback and to help to people who don't want to "think" when getting in to blogs and understand that most people can't make a thousand bucks in a day.

    So I set up a blogger account and got approved to put Adsense on it. After that I set up a few niche blogs. For content, I grabbed some article packs on here and some off of those online article directories we all love and ran them through Cont3nt R3writ3r. Next I scheduled them to post every other day until I ran out of articles for each blog that I set up. I set up about 30 articles so there is unique content every other day for two months per single blog. It only took 20 minutes total to set up and I took my time the whole way. This is a brainless exercise and is boring as hell, so listen to music. I don't want to invest in a Bl0gg3r G3nerat0r just yet, as I want to see how much I can make from nothing, and I can't find it online for free.

    Now, I have been setting one of these up for that past few days, each with enough content to last for a while. After about a month I'll have 30 blogs in 30 niches and after two months I'll have over 900 pages of unique, but hard to read or decipher, content.

    I have been building backlinks by commenting on other people's blogs and have found it time consuming and pretty much not effective at all. This is frustrating. I don't want to use social sites to promote it really.

    However, I have some questions about this method.

    1) Should I set up a new blogger account for each blog that I make from now on? I would like to think that because I don't do a thousand a day I won't get banned from google, but i still get scared.

    2) Is scrambled content going to ever reach the first page of google?

    3) My backlinks aren't working, what are the best way you get yours for spam blogs, or how do you get around not having them at all?

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    Don't take them for gospel truth but here is my reply:

    1. I have not heard of anyone being banned for too many blogs. But then again setting up one blog may raise suspicions. But then again, having an account per blog for 30blogs is ridiculous. So maybe lump them in groups of fives and put five blogs per account.

    2. Not just scrambled, but crap content has been at the top of google before. But you will need to read more on that at the cloaking section and around BHW.

    3. Your backlinks will never be of use if those blogs have no follow. Secondly, I am not sure on this, but I have heard that while you do not get penalised if a backlink is from an irrelevant site, it doesn't increase your blog's either. Search around BHW and you will find some tools that will be of use. :)
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    I have experienced this as well. My sites that has some backlinks from the same keyword or niche actually rank better than my site that has a ton of nonsense backlinks =p

    Try looking at xrumer