Hosts that require 30 day cancellation notices

Discussion in 'The Shit List' started by revax, Oct 15, 2008.

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    Be careful with Galaxyvisions, they are a decent host in terms of uptime/reliability but if you decide to cancel, it's a pain.

    Here's why:

    1. When you email them to cancel (why not a cancellation button on their site?), they bug you and demand a reason for cancellation (should be no questions asked...)

    2. They require you to give 30 day advance notice if you want to cancel. The problem with this is that the billing cycle is 30 days also! Which means that you are going to end up paying for an extra month you did not want.

    Why do hosts do this?
    Well it is in their TOS so my fault for not reading it.. but still it is bad business practice to force me to pay for an extra month.
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    Mar 12, 2008
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    Sounds like when I tried to cancel my Verizon cell phone service. According to the customer service people, you could not cancel an account as long as there was service which was yet to be billed. Since they billed after the month, there was always service yet to be billed. It took me two weeks of constant calling before I finally got ahold of a decent customer service rep who canceled my account. He immediately canceled it and seemed genuinely surprised to hear what the others had told me. Atleast that was the impression I got. Anyway, good luck canceling your account.
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    Most hosts will ask you the reason you are canceling if they care about their client base. Knowing why customers are canceling helps them to correct any potential problems and lower their churn rate.

    Generally if you have a VPS, Dedicated Server or large reseller account some hosts will ask for 30 days notice. The only reason they may want 30 days on a shared account is avoid problems pro-rating refunds. You would be surprised how many people never cancel their hosting accounts they close up shop or move on and leave it for the host to figure out.