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    I'm into niche sites and I need hosting for multiple sites as cheap as possible.
    Now iPage offers unlimited domains with unlimited bandwidth and space etc... I read positive and negative reviews about iPage. Some people say that iPage is really slow, is that correct? I'm from the Netherlands and I want cheap hosting.
    To sum my questions up:

    - What is your experience with iPage?

    - How much bandwidth do I need when I have 5 sites with only info and a few pictures, total about 3000 uv per day? I don't have a clear idea of how many kb a page is. The sites are built with Wordpress. There is an offer in my own countrey that offers 50GB bandwidth per month for 70 dollar/year. Should that bandwidth be enough? If it is, I'll take that one because I'm sure that one is fast and has awesome support.


    Has anyone experience in hosting niche-sites with a lot of info?
    Please tell me how much bandwidth you need per month with how many visitors and how many sites, and what compagny.
    Sorry for the bad English.

    Thanks for your help,

    edit: I read a lot of displeased reviews about iPage so I decided to not buy their hosting. Can anyone recomment a FAST hosting? That is what is very important to me.
    I know the Dutch Hosting I mentioned is very fast but the thing is that I'm not sure whether I'll have enough bandwidth from 50GB.
    Anyone micro-niche sites that have experience with the amount of bandwidth you need?
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