Hosting and ips for seo sites?

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    I am about to launch a big network of similar themed websites. They will have the same template code but of course different pictures, text, meta tags etc. To give you an example, I made a site based around car parts and accessories for ford cars. I took the same site and copied it over for chevy, mitsubishi, nissan, etc. Each hub site will link to one main money site but they will not link to each other.

    Two questions?

    1. Since the code, structure, layout for the sites are the same is that going to set off red flags and if so how much would I need to change a few things around. As simple and changing page width from 950 to 955 pixels or would I need to make big structure and code changes to the site? Since I am building so many sites and so much time is going into making the content and text different on all sites it will be that much harder to have the layout and code different on each unless if it is slight changes.

    2. With the code of the sites being the same, how much do I need to spread them out on different ips and hosts. I plan on making about 30 sites per group with the same code and themes (in this example car parts). I have 3 different hosts with about 20 different class c blocks of ips. If I spread the sites out across that network some will be on the same class c but they wouldn't be too close to each other. Would that be enough or am I worrying about this too much and it doesn't really matter?

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