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Jan 10, 2009
well, I'm planning to make a site, And I used blogspot, free hosting etc.

but I never payed for hosting and domain names.

but tell me What is the cheapest hosting, and domain names.
hosting needs to be unlimmited bandwich, and unlimmited space.
Also it would be really cool if it had unlimmited domainnames

does this mean that I can add as many domainnames as I want. like I have 4 websites
site 1
site 2
site 3
site 4
And can I add all these domainnames to the same hosting without paying extra.

also take a look at this website

is this a good one, I don't know never had a hosting etc.
they have it for $6.95 a month. and you get a free domainname and unlimmited domainnames.

also domain names, do you have to pay for it each month, or is it one time buy.

but guy's please the cheapest and best ones,

thank you
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1) Their is nothing as such UNLIMITED SPACE. Its an alias name for OVERSELLING.

2) Check or and check their price list for the domain pricing. Cheapest is .info

3) You can add all your domains as ADD-ON domain in your cPanel and host them all together if the host allows many add-on domains
common please help me out,

this is the most simple question to ask here on BHW.
everybody has a site.

so please help me out, want to start a great site, and no more blogspot.:)
Everything unlimited and no charge.
Maybe you start your own hosting comapny and all BHW member will join.
There is no free lunch. The hosting comapny got to make a buck too.
but hostgator, and bluehost, says it's unlimmited.
I know it's not unlimmited but it will be a lot.

what are you guy's using.
where did you buy a domain name.
and where are you hosting. (cheap)

I really want to start a site.
please help a friend out.

I just want to start a website, and don't know where to start.
I want to buy hosting, and domain name.

please tell where is the best place to buy.
Ever thought of doing a bit of searching on google?

Just type "free web host" and you will find a multitude of free hosts many offering cpanel etc

Then go to Godaddy or Namecheap and see what offers they have on at the moment.

You can be up and running for not much more than a dollar a site if you want

But you've got to start helping yourself or are best for domains...
hostgator is a good hosting provider if u wanna go for their price tag
For domain names, you have to pay a yearly reup fee. This is only if you purchase the name for one year. When you are checking out, you can register the domain for more than one year. It will cost more though. I've had a good experience with Godaddy. You can get domains for $9.99 or $7.49 if you have a coupon code. See retailmenot .com for codes. I hope this helps. I host all my Blogs on Godaddy, but I also have a reseller account on Hostgator. Hostgator is good for it's "unlimitaed-ness." If you need somebody to get you set up with this stuff or you have other questions, let me know.
but hostgator, and bluehost, says it's unlimmited.
Vinnie says he has a bridge to sell me, but that doesn't mean he really does.

I know it's not unlimmited but it will be a lot.

Maybe it will be, maybe it won't, that depends on the company in question, their terms of service, what you're trying to do, and even random things like "Do they feel like enforcing their terms this week"..

Hostgator has a long list of things they simply do not allow on their sites (topsites, proxies, any type of PTC, etc).... so definately check their list before you commit there.

And bluehost... well.... here:

bluehost TOS said:
Profanity. Profanity or profane subject matter in the site content and in the domain name are prohibited.

Add to that, any "unlimited" host is going to have the old "we reserve the right to terminate anyone, anytime, for pretty much any reason we want".. which is normal with any service.. but for an "unlimited" host, the #1 reason is going to be "because your costing us money." end of story.

(I just saw the whole profanity thing.. seriously bluehost, what the...!? Someone comments on my blog with something (gasp) profane, and that's a reason to cut me off?!)
ok thanks for all this info.

but lets say you have a bandwidht of 100 gb. ( bandwidht is how many visitors you can get?)
how many visitors would 100 gb bandwidht be
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