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Hosting A Private Blog Network - Well their not interlinked yet so not really a network...

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by Thesiege84, Oct 20, 2013.

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    May 5, 2009
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    Hey everyone,

    Over the past couple of years i have been heavily involved in a niche and have been building different sites within the same niche and now have a healthy 200+ network with hosting scattered all over the place (which is very annoying but we'll get onto hosting talk in a moment).

    I initially had no plan to interlink them or even to connect them to eachother at all. I only really create lots of websites in the same niche to do extensive split testing to see what works and what doesn't so the majority of them are churn and burn.

    For example i build 25 websites, put them in 5 groups of 5 and create a different backlink strategy for each group. Then within each group i try out different onsite techniques and measure results accordingly. After a while i measure the rankings, traffic and earnings and find the best method that worked and deploy another 10 sites using the working method.

    I'm not sure if anyone else does this as its quite a lot of work (and expensive) but the method has been working very well for me and I have built a very nice income from it so far.

    Now as the network grows its getting increasingly frustrating to host all the sites in different places and more annoying that not every host is as reliable as they say they are which is causing some sites to become very slow and is starting to mess up my split testing :(

    I have sites on individual shared hosting, some with multiple sites on a shared hosting, some on resellers (same IP), some on resellers with dedicated IP's (same c class i think though) and some on dedicated servers and i really need to find a solution to host them all in the same place but have different B and/or C class IP's.

    I've been looking at some hosts to do this and from some research here i started looking at "class c ip hosting" and found some "Reliable hosts" ("cough, heard that one before") that seem quite cheap for what i want to do i.e. $200 p/m for around 150 C Class IP's with custom nameservers for each domain. btw if you have some recommendations from first hand experience of hosts then please drop your 2ct in.

    Do you think this is the route i should take with hosting my sites or would you suggest doing something else?

    Ive also read that if your not interlinking them and using them as a network then different c class ip's shouldnt really matter but then i also read somewhere that Google rarely ranks 2 sites with the same IP on the first page of SERPS which ive experienced first hand.

    Also.... i was reading about private blog networks and without knowing it i guess ive created the perfect foundation for one and ive read that its very easy to rank with a niche specific network, which mine is. Do you think i should create a new site (or group) and start doing some interlinking of some sort or just keep them all seperate like i have been doing and keep turning the successful ones into authority sites?

    Sorry my post is a bit of a mess but your view on anything would be greatly appreciated :)