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    Someone complained to hostgator about content that i lifted from their site which was very minimal... I copied and pasted a list of phone numbers to private hospitals in washington dc off someone else's site and then placed it on mines.. I thought there was no harm in doing this...

    Once hostgator made me aware of the complaint, I immediately removed it. But hosgator is taking it too far. they want the URL's listed in the copyright notice to result in a 404 page before they can enable my site.

    I informed them that I erased the copied content and that's all i'm willing to do. i don't want to erase 10 pages because i've already removed the copied content... well they are not moving their position which made me want to change my hosting company.

    what's my best option at this point... what hosting company would be best that has the same cpanel feature as hostgator... thanks..