Hostgator coupons -- VPS 50% off, free Reseller and SEOhosting plans


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Sep 5, 2009
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SO here you go. These coupons will give you:

THANKYOU -50% 1st month VPS

HGC25 -9.94 off so baby plan
HOUSTON -25.00 off so reseller

35OFF -1st month free at

Are we allowed to offer cash back if you use my affiliate link in the thread? Not trying to post what not allowed so...
I think for something like cashback you will have to register it under selling services and have a mod revise it or something like that but hostgator themselves don't allow it i think so I 'd be careful with it
thanks for the reply
ya not a service since not selling anything

there are tons of legit sites offering you half the 100 referral if you sign up so i know they dont care.

I was just gonna try to make everyone extra money lol

they still pay referral even if you use the coupon. oh well
Hm ok if hostgator doesn't care i guess it would be alright. I wounder about whether u are selling something or not because in one way u are selling hostgator hosting for half its price for a year (depending on the plan) as u still make money yourself. Not sure probs you should ask a mod?
i am not selling any hosting
you have to order that and pay for whatever

you order from my link i get 100 and would give you 50

im gonna pass so no need to even worry about it.
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