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    Hello! I want to make a website with streaming of different movies and series. I've seen that there are some websites that allow you to upload videos to them and they pay for each view of the video, but for each of them there were some complaints. Can someone suggest a website that is actually good? Thanks!
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    Try the basic ones, I've had the best watching experience with streamcloud and, so I would imagine it is easy to get views with those services. I also know both pay for views and if you upload tv-series/movies they pay pretty well. also has a system called Add to My Account, which I've found interesting and been wanting to try it out. Sure, the original uploader makes 30%, but if you don't want to download/upload every single tv show and movie you want to show, that is going to come in handy. And you can always start with a better selection, and over time go and change the videos to ones you upload.