Hoping anyone could walk me throught this

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    I found this video on youtube when I was trying to find out about ptc programs and I found a particular video I found interesting here's the description
    "will show you how to get 1$ per click
    the thing is i have 4 servers that are
    specified to run the bux.to autoclickers
    and i have made a small script that
    will collect your username and pass
    so that i can give you 100 referals
    under you and the script clicks all your referals for me so that you can make 1$
    per day or well i call it per click
    but its really per day
    but it will take the script about 2 weeks
    to get your account information and all that
    after that its all automatic
    and i have 23 k referals and i have
    made 11 k now have 1 $ per day
    i just upgraded from 1 server to 4
    and it should take much less time now
    but i get around 700 referals per day
    and growing so my servers are going
    to be a little busy ... but it might take 1-2 weeks for them to get to you
    if you check this video out
    ... it might a week or 2 until you get 1$ per click .. join with me along with my 23k referals and get your 1$ per click
    attention i will stop when i hit 25k referals so hurry up and get your spot
    and why do you think that i have all these referals ??? because i really pay 1$ per click ... but although it might take a week or 2
    sign up here http://bux.to/?r=kiddi1903
    download autoclicker here
    this video shows how i made 90 k $ on a few months this program really makes it easy to make money .... cash mm love it :D
    anyways check out this vid to get some real info on how to rake in easy cash and to get you piled up with some money and then i mean easy money :D
    this is not a get quick rich scam like
    alot of theese things out there
    well you can get rich quick but i mean
    its not a scam hehe =)
    bux.to rocks"
    Does anyone knows a blackhat way to get referrers on PTC sites since that' where the money in that kind of programs is.
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    most people can get rich faster is for those who created the GPT websites...those owners.

    dont waste time thinking of how to click...there are alot of better things to do...make good use of your time..