Hope you are Having Prosperous Holiday Season!

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What Percentage of Traffic Increase Does Your Website See During The Holidays?

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  5. 20%

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    Hello BHW members, How's everyone doing? It seems to me that this holiday season has kicked off with a dashing bang. I'm finding this years publicity with kicking off the holiday season earlier with pre-Black Friday sales and Cyber Monday, has really boosted traffic and helped online sales.

    I'm hoping the public keeps standing in huge retail lines over the junk they don't need, because it's sending more folks to flock to our online shops, products, reviews, and buying guides. "More 50% off TV's Please!!"

    Maybe people are just fearful to go out and shop after watching all the in store crazies on the news fighting over hatchimals on Black Friday!! Any of you seen this craze? What a blast riding the wave of such a hot item. Personally I find these toys disturbing, but hey, it's a wildfire!

    Do you have any thoughts regarding Holiday Season craziness? Or maybe you would like to share the influx of traffic you experience. Share your story with us if you like. I always get a kick out of difficult buyers and customer service. It's such a special time of year to get in on the consumer buying frenzy.

    Have a Great Holiday Season BHW members and have a Prosperous New Year! Thank you for many years of great post and helpful services. Cheers!