hope this is not a repost but it seems that you can not upload too many emails now as the.

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    I work for a company called HawkBlade networking g
    I move around a lot but right now I am in the Phil
    hope this is not a re post but it seems that you can not upload too many emails now as they put a 14 day block on one of my accounts for adding a list of 500 people lol and the funny thing is it was my own personal account that I was adding my family and real friends too lol so people be careful about that now too I guess. I noticed that fb is kind of getting a bit silly with all of the new bull that they keep on adding. The roadblock I for one think is totally gay but I know that there are some ways of getting threw it and even reusing the sim card but dang what extents to stop people like you and me lol we are only trying to enjoy a piece of the pie that fb has put out there on the table why they need to be so selfish is beyond most normal thinking individuals.
    GREEDY BAS*ARDS and I sincerely mean that from the bottom of my heart lol

    edit: sorry lol there was a question I wanted to add in there. does anybody know of a way of getting around this or a limit on how many emails that should be added at one time. any tips or tricks would be appreciated thank you.
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