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    Here is my little contribution to the forum. Hope it helps somebody.

    Tired of filling in forms to upload Youtube vids etc?

    Wish you could AUTOMATICALLY create yahoo accounts, then go to youtube and only have to worry about the captcha?

    Wish you could create any number of accounts at article sites and automatically upload articles?

    What you need is a macro recorder! These wonderful softwares record your mouse and keyboard strokes and you can play them back and register at sites with random usernames/passwords automatically created by the software as it runs. They also have functions, so if, say you create a yahoo account and you need to then create a youtube account linked to this yahoo account, it will check the yahoo account before creating the youtube account, and then change proxies with tor, run another software, whatever you want it to do.

    I have been using BPA Automation (is on torrent sites) which is the dogs danglies when it comes to making macros.

    Also for those who like to create programs, you may prefer WinAu*tomati*on which creates an .exe frm your keystrokes and the conditions you create within the software, ie. IF email subject = PayPal Payment THEN SEND download email, and such the like.

    This has really helped me out during my recent holiday, as all I had to was leave the PC on with a few ready made macro's running and my emails replied, my software downloaded and my videos uploaded.

    The software is dead easy to learn too. You don't need any programming knowledge or a PhD.

    With these programs you can mimick, repeat and reproduce ANY windows action while you sleep, or play golf, hump the wife etc.

    Have fun!