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We didn't find or fix it tonight, but we did find something odd that we are continuing to explore. Hang in there, or send your traffic else were... We will update you tomorrow again and we do hope to find an issue, and I will explain later why this has been hard to find.

I also got my payment yesterday.. :)
But my earning with hookup drop 50%..same traffic source as before..
50% shaving??
I redirect all my traffic to other offer since hookup conversion bad for me right now..
Wish their conversion rate will be back to normal.. :/
Identical experience here. Really doesn't matter if it's shaving or a software error: a 50% drop in revenue was enough to compel me to send all traffic elsewhere until this is resolved.
If enyone of you had any problems with your stats, then You must go to JA to solve your issues. For now he is the man who can help and give you answers.
What exactly is your relationship to Hookup.com? Why would Hookup put a 'virtual cheerleader' on salary/commission only to have that carnival barker aggressively avoid the legitimate concerns of the very affiliates putting money in his pocket?

Maybe Jason can't resist a pimp with pom poms, but not sure I see the value added to Hookup.com affiliates or the network by a recruiter that is more motivated by his cut than he is respectfully addressing the legitimate concerns of those enriching him. Particularly when those "concerns" are substantiated with hard metrics.

I have not been appointed to look after your traffic yet. I don't have access to look after your traffic yet.

But the good news is, I will be soon have the access into that section as well. As me and JA discussed on this earlier.

Oh wonderful. :rolleyes:

Then After checking your traffic and its sources, I will be able to help you guys by answering your questions..

Without seeing anything about your traffic sources from the inside details, I can't answer you guys.

We've been asking for client-side metrics for weeks. The affiliates need access not only to signup demographics, but raw hit demographics. Given how few countries earn commissions -- with growing evidence of commissions not being paid on many that do -- this is imperative.

My Main job here to contact new affiliates to get them into the network..
That much we understand. :)

Hookup was a great earner the first month. Paying out per terms and on time. I have no idea what system changes were rolled out on June 21, 2011. All I know for certain is that the majority of big earners saw conversions and data tracking go titties up in a 24 hour period. After four weeks, those titties are losing their luster. Not pretty. Not pretty at all.
I have stopped advertising this program because my conversions went to shit around the same time others started experiencing problems. Not pointing fingers but something has definitely changed. I went from making $150 a day down to $8 a day.

Found another program that pays for more countries and if the traffic converts pretty good for them, they offer up to $6 per free (that's what they are giving me anyways)
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Today is the Last day of This Promotional Offer for the BHW members.

All the Members who already got in to the $4PPF program will remain into the program based on their performances till now.

So, If some of you guys still not in and willing to get into the program, Contact me to get a joining link. I will PM in shortest Possible time with a Joining link to get you into the program.

heey guys (mark & jason),

i'm not willing to come over as a paranoid... but are you sure the system is working? I've got 2 free sign-ups i'm sure they are verified & the system is not showing the sign-ups. only the unique hits to the link...

thank you so much for the offer, though! i've already made 12 bucks. my first bucks in internet marketing :)
In my first 15days from june 16 to june 30 i made $75 ..i was more than happy with the hookup program then...but from july1st to july 15th i made $7 ...Nothing changed in my promotion strategy..many people literally confirmed that they signed up!!but no credit...

finally,my wish to withdraw my first payment is just unfulfilled!! Disappointed..
hey i am also facing the same problems.

I spent $50 on advertising and from my ehoring activity some people confirmed that they signed up but my stats do not show any signups.

I also sent PM to Foot Mark in this regard but no reply yet.
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