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    Hello! I'm new to this site but i already found it very useful giving me a lot of tips to generate money and also to teach how to get many emails and affiliates. I've been looking into Paid to click sites but i've found that they don't pay much and you have to have a lot of affiliates. Instead of that i found a great site with a nice concept that works in a nice way:

    It pays you for each time you do a web search using the selected site, but it has limitations to the numbers of daily searches. And the best its that is a british site and pays in pounds so when you convert it in dollars it's much more money. And the other thing that i liked the most is that it has 3 levels of referals. So you win 50% of your searchs (the other 50% is for the site), they pay you 10% of your friends search, and 5% of your friends friends searches.
    I have been using it for 20 days and have already won 6 pounds, of course its only my searches, because i only have 3 friends and they don't search more. Anyway, if you want to register follow this links:

    So you can be my affiliate:

    If you don't want to be my affiliate:

    I will give a gift to anyone who registers with my afilliate and also referers friends and they register. I can see that in my personal area in homepages. The gift will be 10k portuguese mails. If you have any suggestion please PM.
    Hope i ain't breaking any rule in the forum.
    Constructive critics are welcomed. :)
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    aff links are not allowed i think
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