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    Hi all

    I am pondering over one of the scenarios and cannot really make up my mind on how to proceed. I have a website A which is ranking for a mid-high competition keyword in top 3 on G. Lets say the website is about dark chocolate :) The ranking page is the homepage. However now I also need to rank for say white chocolate. Now considering both keywords are related to chocolate however they are still quite different as one person searching may not be interested in the other at all!

    1) Create subpage on A and start ranking it for white chocolate.
    2) Simply create more links and start ranking the same homepage of A for white chocolate
    3) Create a website B for ranking white chocolate.

    Now in my experience I have noticed that G ranks big brands' subpages like BBC, M&S, Debenhams in top 3 for hundreds if not thousands of search results however for ordinary websites I seldom see their subpages ranking at all. Now I know it simply could be that they don't work hard to rank their subpages but it could simply be that G doesn't like to rank the small websites for unrelated keywords. I am very interested in your opinions about the 3 options above.