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    I'm not sure if I'm just overreacting as this is regarding a new domain, but this has never happened before, so it has me a bit concerned.

    Basically, I created an e-commerce site with 500+ pages (this is about a 10 day old domain) and 137 are already indexed in G. As it is brand new, I was on page 18 for my target keyword. However, I recently dropped from the entire search for that keyword, as far as I can tell. I've checked all the way to page 40.

    If I search the name of my domain (with spaces, no www or .com), the top page is my FAQ and my home page isn't even listed. In fact, the only time my home page is listed is when I search for the exact domain itself.

    What's strange is that Webmasters is showing links I've never built, and I don't think someone else did them as they would have no reason to. However, for about a day or two, I was not redirecting the non-www version of my site to the www in .htacess, so I think Google is counting the non-www version of my site as links to the www version. Webmasters even shows the non-www version as one of the sites linking in to my www site.

    So, in theory, I gained 500 links over night, so perhaps Google has sandboxed me for unnatural linking patterns? You'd think Google would be smart enough to realize they are technically same-domain links, but Webmasters show my non-www site as linking in. And my anchor texts can all be found on my site, including strange ones such as "d", "f", "u", "v", etc. I would imagine this is because my site has alphabetical search and each letter is a link.

    So am I just worrying too much and should I expect my home page to be back soon, or am I being penalized for links that aren't really links?
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