Holland, creditcard, accounts! Fak

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    Ok Im getting realy pissed!

    I started traveling in thailand last week, so I work from here and travel a bit and live cheaply. Everything is allright and then started the first shitty things. 1st Diareaa! Love it.

    2. Paypal account limited because of suspicion someone else is using my account.

    3. My banking account is blocked or the online part of it because they did sent me the wrong codes 4 times and then my account got blocked.

    4. I have a moneybookers prepaid creditcard and now I can't charge it because they blocked my accounts! Fucking assholes.

    I still can withdraw money but I cant work! and this is realy shit! I cant understand why they can't fix this within a few minutes? Its their fault and now I'm fucked. It is probably going to take about 4-6 weeks to get this fixed! I can't pay my bills and can't buy any flights or atleast not online.

    Very Frustrating! Makes me wanna Riverdance
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    Thailand is good!!! I stay here to,:super: but bad there banks not working for internet Shopping..