Hit by Google Caffeine? Let's find out why!

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    As many of you may know the Google Caffeine was the November 3rd update that shook the SEO experience as we know it; most sites were devastated when it came to their Pagerank Google.com now sits at a 7 and Facebook at a 9

    The Caffeine update seems to be based around once again insuring the destruction of content farms, it seems to require that content not only be unique, but also fresh and ever changing. The time of static sites seems to be dying.

    If you were hit by Google Caffeine please answer the questions below; I will compile the data in an attempt to discover what we can do in order to beat this update like many of has have beaten panda!

    What was your sites original PR?
    What is your sites current PR?
    Did this PR cause a drop in SERP?
    If so how much?
    How often do you post new content?
    How is your content created?
    What niche is your content?
    How unique is your content?
    Do you use adsense on the page?