Hit badly by the Panda - What to do now?

I think thе wisest coursе rіght now, іf уоu'vе beеn penalized, is to assume іt is permanent аnd move on.

There are examples of sites whіch hаvе recovered, hоwеvеr thеу are fеw and seеm tо bе іn specific niches. If уоu haven't recovered by now, and уоu've made changes, there'ѕ рrobablу nо reason to thіnk yоu evеr will.

Assume yоur penalization iѕ permanent and move on.

But I have ѕееn with а fеw websites thаt wеrеn't touched fоr а couple оf years аnd now аrе flying high. Before they stopped working with thеіr sites, they wеre pretty much doing еverythіng thаt оur sites do.

If there iѕ оnе thing I bеlievе mаny оf us have learned іs that thеre's nо rhyme оr reason tо Panda. Like an out of control cancer, it goeѕ whеrе it will tо wreak іts havoc. So аѕ I've ѕаіd herе on multiple occasions, you cannоt "fix" your site to rank bеtter with Panda becаuѕe уоu hve no idea what Panda considers tо bе "broken".
Most of my BL were from AMR
90% of traffic is gone, most of it is from very long tail
Content was original
i will wait for a week from the latest panda update before I start to do anything. Some of the previous panda update take about a week to stablized. Cross my finger that they will do some correction to this update.
I (nor my clients) have been hit by any of the Panda updates. For me, I do a mixture of high PR links (primary focus) and a lot of other types of links (Fiverr). I build as many links as I want to brand new domains and never get sandboxed/banned/deindexed.
I am wondering if IFrames are maybe the way to go.

Check this out! [it wont let me post the google page]

Anyway the keyword is "buy revitol" and look who is #1 on Google.
also look at the others ...Amazing!

Whoever knows iframes I would love to hear from you.
I have made several tests and backlinking in large amounts like I use to do before in short time is DANGEROUS specially forum posts from Xrumer and comments from Scrapebox. Now you have to rethink your strategies. Now it takes a bit more time to rank well, but it's a sure thing if you know what you are doing.
BTW got to change my signature...
One thing is sure....one of my pages that was badly hit had around 6 affiliate links. Lowered the numbers to only 2 and I already saw some small improvements.

Did this today for all pages containing affiliate links will report in the following days. If this is the cause it really sucks. Badly.
Most of my sites moved up. I dont use xrumer,scrapebox. Link diversity folks...
Just a rumor. I keep reading that it works, but I have not personally seen it work...

Add an AdSense ad block to every page. The theory is that the early Panda releases nuked a ton of context ad placements and search partner sites. Without all that ad inventory, Google took a big hit in PPC revenue. The latest updates are theorized to restore some of those ad inventory exclusions and prevent more from happening. Again, its all rumor, so I don't know if it works or not. But at least it is something to try that doesn't involve a ton of work.

Hope this helps,

Stop worrying about all the theories and spend some time researching the serps. If you didn't get to where you are by researching, learning and duplicating what the top sites were doing, then it's time you learnt how to do that.

Google is your enemy, but it can also be your friend...
AS far as Panda: At the end of the day high quality will always win. I have seen some success with software like SEnuke, Xrummer, Scrapebox but in the end I'm certain Google buys this software and adjust there ranking to combat usage of this type of software. So in the shot term ya these software will get you first page ranking but there is nothing like good quality SEO. We have been doing SEO for 15yr and have watched the rise and fall of these software's and the sites that use them.

Im not saying you used this type of back linking but even if you used the same sites these programs used it will have hurt you.

Majon does offer some high quality back linking plans. Majon is not the cheapest but they have been doing this 15yrs and still own top ranking for most major Internet Marketing Keywords.
I would be happy to tell you exactly why it was hit and what you can do to fix it. Just PM me.

I do this for free for people to learn how Panda works. I am getting quite good at it, which is good cause I do SEO for a large company :)

No charge. I just want the research data on pandalized sites.
I have been reading on a couple of SEO forums about the latest Panda Update. Many websites were affected and it seems many quality websites were affected. There are a lot of webmasters complaining that scraper sites, and MFA garbage sites are outranking higher quality sites.

The problem right now is Google is making so many changes, and no one really has a grasp on what is happening. If you feel like your site follows Google's quality guidelines, then I would not panic. Don't get crazy and go changing a bunch of stuff on your website until the industry as a whole settles down and gets a handle on what is going on. Hopefully Google will adjust their algo and your site will go back to normal. I have heard of this sites recovering though it is few and far in between. Now if you site is shit and has obvious flaws than it is a different story.
I would be happy to tell you exactly why it was hit and what you can do to fix it. Just PM me.

I do this for free for people to learn how Panda works. I am getting quite good at it, which is good cause I do SEO for a large company :)

No charge. I just want the research data on pandalized sites.

Bro if you have good information and you feel as though you are getting good at it please share that information here. There are many who are not so lucky:)
I agree with everyone else. The best way to over come Panda is too improve your content. If you have too many ads limit those as well. 2 to 3 well placed ads MAX. But again CONTENT IS KING.

Then continue to juice your site with links that actually have Pagerank. Then watch your ranking slowly begin to improve.

You have to give Google what it wants :)
I have a site that's pretty much useless due to keyword searches. Has a few articles I wrote myself. One over a thousand words if I remember rightly. Sat on page one at position eight. I had an affiliate ad on it I thought looked spammy. I jettisoned that and hey presto! I'm at number two after the update.Skipped right past other sites with emd.com.

I thought it was the lengthy original content at first. Then I read here that guys/gals who have original well written content are being penalized, whilst some black hat sites are moving up. I hope Google starts to be more consistent in the future.

Sorry about the drop OP.
I'm not laughing at anyone about this because it can really take a toll on a business when you get slapped.

But back when I got slapped in March, not many people were listening. I was getting things like "oh... it's just the quality of your site". Well, it's easy to say that if you weren't the guy who just lost his business income.

I've rebuilt almost everything since then and this panda update has only affected a few websites slightly.

My advice for anyone experiencing a big drop from page one to 300-600+, is to build links. Create a steady stream of links from PR sites. I don't care what people say about PR and all that BS. It works and I have pulled a good number of sites out of the penaltybox/sandbox/wha-cha-ma-call-it box. If you have a good source of quality links, then I recommend hitting your site a little harder at first. After all, it can't hurt. And it's common sense to me now, but don't forget to use anchor text naturally.
Here are a few more details to my situation:

- I have not been hit by ANY google update before.

- I just embedded a few clickbank products like a week ago. But I've added them before, and then removed them and never saw a change due to them.

Guys, any idea on how to proceed with the linkbuilding? My linkbuilding has been stale for almost a year now. Could that also be one of the reasons for a sudden drop? The site is a 100% whitehat and has very well written content, all of which I wrote myself.

As you say that content is all written by yourself so it may be possible that you are not hit by Panda Update, because in panda update only the duplicate content or content which can be found on many sites got a hit.

You also say that you have not done a link building from a year. Problem can be here, because it may possible that now a days most targeted keywords for MNS are long tail and people start targeting the keywords which are yours. So in this way number of your competitors got increased and start their link building procedure and you have lost your position as you have not did a link building for your site.

I can guide you more in the way but for this reason I must know some important points, which I have send you in PM.

Move on! Star uploading decent and unique content again. These programs -xrumer,scrapebox etc- won't help you much after the new panda update. You need quality content and some decent backlinks to get back in business. You can find pretty cheap gov/edu backlink services here, just look around. Get a steady supply of high quality backlinks and your website will be "reborn". Start working now! :D
Good luck!
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