Hit a brick wall doing it manually. My journey so far. Any advice.

Discussion in 'Instagram' started by seekingnumbers, Mar 6, 2016.

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    Some context, before I never really took instagram seriously but very recently started on a journey of liking, commenting, following, unfollowing manually. In the last 6 months I scaled this and gained followers quickly.

    I'm now at a stage of about 7000 followers and following about 800 people on my main account with about 15 - 20 comments per picture and 600+ likes on each image. Account 3 years old.

    I know about followliker and instagress etc but I've found it's difficult and my new followings even with following people has slowed right down.

    This is tough niche i'm in. Any advice aside from using a bot or do i just keep on doing what I'm doing? I really want to get to 10K but at my current rate that would take another 8 months.

    Worried about bot usage as I'm worried about being banned, yet I see other non tech savvy people using some kind of bots because they like images and comment almost 24 / 7, yet they're not banned and they're growing with their accounts (some have between 14K and 30K followers).

    I don't want fake following. Any words from the masters?
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    Invest in followliker.. Grow multiple accounts and never put all your eggs in one basket as they say.. Plenty of info in the Instagram section about using followliker. Put followliker on a VPS and you have account automation while you sleep. Good Luck buddy!
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    I basically went through the same as you OP.
    Grew an account during 6 months and reached 11k followers, however it just became a pain in the ass posting pics everyday.
    I bought FL last month, i'm still pretty much messing around with it ( have currently 4 accounts, all of them around 1 week old, running on a VPS ) and so far i have around more or less 400 to 500 followers on each of them.

    So yeah, FL is a good investment and you can basically have 20, 30, 40 accounts on Auto Pilot doing the posting and follow-unfollow thing almost non stop.
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    Feb 4, 2016
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    If you only want the 10k milestone and don't wanna spend a lot, get a month of Instagress for $10.
    You should hit 10k in a month unless you've shitty engagement and a bad followback ratio. But you just said you get ~9% like ratio so you should achieve 10k in a month.
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    I actually was thinking I would go with FL b/c in the long run (more than a year) it's less than the MP monthly price unless there's a discount available for MP. Also, it seems more people in BHW recommend FL and that they have really good customer service.
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    Yes, FL is cheaper thinking long term, but as far as good customer service, I guess it's MP you heard about, since there have been many threads already about FLs support team, such as charging for help or mostly copy&pasting the same info/answer to all customers, which is far away from being a good service. Hopefully, they'll change that in future.

    lol @ that affiliate link. honestly?! In what way did you say anything productive and helped him for him to click that affiliate link? Also, posting affiliate links is against the rule. Read the rules before doing shit like that.
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