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    Hey guys. Looking for some help long term. No bullshitters. No lazy asses. The job is really easy and can earn you about $20.00 an hour (or more) if you're quick.

    I will provide you with a subject to research, you will need to pull the info from the search engine, then re-write/re-arrange and improve on the info you come up with.

    I will pay you per day/job. Your pay per job will be dependent on the quality of the product you deliver.

    Don't PM me telling me your interested. Don't Reply to the thread telling me your interested. Please Hit me up on AIM: ErikZapsa. I'll give you a test job IMMEDIATELY to see how you do.

    If you Contact me for this work, be prepared to turn in the work the same day, if you can't do the job same day, then don't IM me until you can. If i'm going to pay you promptly I expect the work to be done promptly.

    Job Rates are totally negotiable (after the first job). If you think you deserve to be paid more for the job, we can talk about it. If The job is 'Non-Standard', then I'll seek your asking price.

    I don't think this offer could be more fair. Please read the warning below then hit me up on AIM: Erikzapsa


    If i give you a shot and the product you return is crap, I will still pay you for your supposed 'work' but will not work with you again.

    If you PM me with a message saying "I'm interested" I'll PM you back "Idiot. RTFA"

    If you do PM me looking for work, then when I give it to you, you say something like "I can't do it now but... blah blah" Or "Give me a few days... blah blah" I'll just ignore you after that.