Hiring Part-Time Email Copywriter for Men's Dating Niche

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    Hey Blackhatter copywriters! If you're interested in cutting your teeth, getting some guidance and building up your marketing and sales skills in a competitive industry then this is going to be an exciting ride and a huge opportunity for learning and growth!

    You'll be working with me and building up your professional experience while getting paid for it.

    I need a semi-experienced copywriter (1-2 years of freelance, part-time or full-time experience) who can write 20-30 emails per month for various different offers in the men's dating niche and gather the proper content and pitch for those emails based on information from destination sales pages and provided swipe emails (as well as any additional research you can do and questions you may need to ask me).


    You'll be measured on the metrics of...

    - Email open rates
    - Click-through rates
    - Monthly averages of both open-rate + CTR
    - Sales related to email promotions


    You'll get paid...

    1. A flat rate for every email you write
    2. Commission from sales
    3. Bonuses for hitting metrics or breaking records


    You'll spend your time...

    1. Evaluating which offers and products to promote
    2. Evaluating previous months email statistics and related earnings
    3. Tracking new, upcoming offers and affiliate programs
    4. Testing new offers with promotional emails and tracking stats
    5. Studying email promotions from competitors and vertical markets
    6. Researching emails
    7. Writing emails
    8. Maintaining proper tracking links for email promotions


    If you're interested please answer the following questions and email your responses to [email protected]

    1. What is your past copywriting experience? Please list courses, trainings and mentorships. Also list prior jobs or freelance gigs you've had that are most relevant to this job. Also list all accolades, accomplishments, or controls packages to your credit.

    2. Have you done email marketing before? If so describe your past experience and what you find is the biggest key to successful selling.

    3. What are you biggest strengths and weaknesses in your copywriting in terms of your selling experience? What are you most prepared to sell or write for? What are you least prepared to sell or write for?

    4. What's your interest in this job and niche specifically? (I know everyone has been single as some point so that's not mandatory!)

    5. If I were to ask you to write an email to drive readers to buy an information product (under $100) how would you approach that assignment. Would you ask me for any additional info? If so what?

    6. Reasonably, what are the max number of emails you think you can write in a given month without impacting your quality and still staying happy and sane?

    7. In your opinion, what's a reasonable amount of time to spend writing an email? What is a range of acceptable time? - Meaning, what is the fastest you could write an email without sacrificing quality too mcuh and the slowest without working at a snails pace?

    8. What is your past experience in the mens dating information niche? (it's OK if you don't have prior experience).

    9. What do you feel is the KEY to marketing to single men to generate the most possible money? What are the hot buttons of these men? (If you're not sure, just guess)

    10. What types of people (personality wise) do you work best and worst with? What are traits you enjoy in someone you're working with and traits you dislike?

    11. What has been the single biggest problems in on-going working relationships you've had in the past? What do you feel is the key to making these relationships successful?

    12. What's the biggest mistake you see information marketing companies make when it comes to email marketing?

    13. Work-flow wise, how would you perform best if approaching a monthly assignment to write 20-30 emails promoting different products and services? For example, what times of the day do you like to work? Do you write one every day? Try to knock everything out as early as possible in the month?

    14. How soon are you available to start? How flexible is your schedule if some emails were needed "on demand"?

    15. Is there anything in the next 6-12 months that could foreseeable interfere with us working together?

    16. What are you personal ambitions for your career? What would you love to get most out of this job? What would make this job a dream come true for you? How do you see this job leading you to live more a amazing life and help reach your biggest dreams?

    Finally, please provide at least two references and describe your working relationship with each reference.

    Thanks! And looking forward to reading your answers! :)

    - Brett
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    your nich is easy if u do good seo and social media marketing your site should take off real fast pm so we can talk I will show u how to grow a site like this fast
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    Are you still looking to fill this position?
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    I think i found what i am looking for,Love the job description so much that it gave me a libido.Look for my Email with answers in 5 mins.Remember i am the Early bird!
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    Well, this post should be moved to Hire a freelancer section.