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    If you have experience building Google Maps (Places) sites, make some money with me.

    I am interested in buying Verified, Ranking (10 box) sites in my niche. I have only one keyword, and it is relatively easy to rank for. Most major cities have a few listings only, and most are not optimized at all.

    There are many Google Maps systems in the Download forum (I recommend the GoogleCashMaps method. Very detailed, and easy to follow). .Info TLDs work in my niche.

    I am looking for the following:
    ? You must register the domain, and transfer ownership to me once payment is sent
    ? Target can be ?keyword City? or ?City keyword?
    ? City can be any of the top 1000 cities by population in the USA (I can provide a list)

    Payment is $25 per site purchased. I will buy as many as you can create and get listed. Payment can increase based on volume.

    If you have experience creating these sites, or have a team of outsourcers, they could easily be created, optimized, and have relevant citations in an hour.

    Pleae PM me if you are interested in discussing further.