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    Job? Whats a job?
    Hey guys/gals,

    I have a little 'web design' business set up to were I'm setting up Joomla and customizing it to make them. What I do is find a fitting template (I have a lot), upload it, upload the appropriate plugins (IE: Gallery, E-Commerce). Then I create the pages the client wants (IE: home/about us/portfolio/contact). Then I ask them to write their content and simply paste it into the pages.

    The entire process only takes about 10-30 minutes (depending on your skill level). While it is quite simple for me to do, I think my times is better spent getting sales.

    I'm willing to pay $10 USD for every site you 'make' this way. Personally I can make about four in an hour, so if you could do that that's an easy $40 an hour for you.

    What you will get:
    - A shit load of templates that I've accumulated (to make it easier for you)
    - If you need some help you can instant message me.

    How it will work:
    I get a client, get what they want (IE: home/about us/portfolio/contact), and tell you what they want. I instantly install a Joomla site using fantastico.
    You find a fitting template and upload it via FTP. You add the approtiate pages, in this example four. Then I get the content from the client and you paste it in into the site. Then I paypal you $10 USD. Repeat

    I currently have two sites needing to be finished (one half way done). Contact me, I'll give you the jobs, if you do it without problems I'll paypal you $20 USD, and you're hired!

    Serious people only, I've done all the hard stuff, you can make a pretty good online living just by doing this if you so choose.

    PM me
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