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    Create a product review package based on other reviews/comments you find on the Internet.

    • The review must be written in English.
    • You will be asked to provide the URLs of the "other reviews" that were considered while writing your review. You must consult at least 3 independent sources.
    • The content must be unique (CopyScape will be used) and summarize the information contained in the URLs you consulted.
    • The grammar, punctuation, etc. must be considered "average" at a minimum. I plan on proofreading the reviews upon receipt and expect to make minor changes - but I do not expect to have to completely rewrite them.
    • You will be asked to provide 3 images of the item, in different colors. I expect it will be very easy to find images on the Internet.
    • You must use Amazon.com as one of your 3 sources.
    • The review must consist of at least 300 words.
    • I promise to complete review of your submission within 72 hours of receiving it. I will send you payment or an email with necessary changes.
    • Payment will be via PayPal and sent upon acceptance of the package.
    • You will send me the package (review, URLs and images) via e-mail. I will send you a SAMPLE of how your package should be formated when I sent you the products you will be reviewing.

    If the task is not done in accordance with the details I specified above, I will email you back ONE TIME stating what is wrong. You will then get ONE chance to to resubmit in accordance with the requirements. I will not pay for submissions that do not meet the requirements. I sincerely hope this never occurs. I'm not here to screw anyone over, waste my time or yours, or make enemies.

    I am open to suggestions that would make you feel more comfortable including different form of payment.

    The first time you work for me, you will be given ONE product to work on. Once you complete the task, I will review your work. Assuming it meets the requirements I stated above, you will be paid. After submitting one package that is accepted, you will be eligible to do upto 10 packages at a time. I believe this will help make sure that you understand what I expect of you and what I consider an acceptable submission.

    I have hundreds of items I need reviewed. You can do as many as you want, but I will not assign more than 10 products to any one individual at a time. The sooner you submit a completed package, the sooner you can get more work.

    NOTE: The products I am asking to be reviewed are all available on Amazon.com. Everything about this job is G-rated (i.e., nothing to do with pornographic material, gambling, or anything considered illegal in the United States).

    If you are interested, send me a PM with the following information:

    • Price for ONE package.
    • Price for TEN packages (in case it is less than TEN times the price of ONE).
    • Estimate for how long it will take to complete ONE package.