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[HIRING AGAIN] Programmer for a simple bot Win/Mac compatible! ASAP

Discussion in 'Hire a Freelancer' started by sashablack, Feb 27, 2015.

  1. sashablack

    sashablack Elite Member

    Jan 8, 2010
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    Hey guys Sasha here,

    So I hired this one FOOL, and after 3 weeks (job was supposed to be 2 weeks) I get a Half Ass piece of crap with nothing working! And they want me to do their freaking JOB and test it! WTF? LOL

    Simple things like a list was not loading ... so ... please respond only if you are serious :)

    Very simple, I am looking for someone who is serious and professional in coding and can follow SIMPLE instructions.

    I have everything designed, even the gui ... all you have to do is follow simple instructions that I provide with pictures!

    Please Skype me and lets talk numbers: iamsashasolo

    thank you