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    Basically I have started a network of sites that are adult related (xxx). At the moment I need writers that can write content related to hentai.

    What I will do is give you access to my site as a writer. There you will do the following:

    - Login
    - Find image (Google) related to niche.
    - Upload image.
    - Describe image in 300 words with sexual related words.
    - Do some other minor tags (click category, fill in tags, etc.)
    - Logout

    Writing those stories normally takes me around ten minutes per post. I will pay you per hour but I am not sure what I will pay everyone yet. Normally I buy per articles on BHW, but I wanted to try out and find some more permanent writers.

    If you are interested add me on Skype 'mick.moneyy'. There we can discuss how much you will make. On top of that I will also need a sample article to proof that you can actually do the work.

    Workload won't be high in the start since I will only assign you startup websites (around 2 stories per week, which will go up to 8 or more in the coming months).

    Thanks :)
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    Added you. Would be great if I could work for you in the future.