Hiring a SEO/SMM Architect/Guru to kickstart New Social Network

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    Oct 6, 2013
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    I am representing a new, well designed and well engineered social networking platform for groups. We are currently launching in the US.

    We are looking for a long-term partner for our SEO/SMM needs.

    We need to quickly kickstart the amount of users that have registered on our site via Facebook Connect.

    We want to organize some kind of real competition with real prizes that could have massive exposure on Facebook.

    I am looking to hire a serious, experienced and well-reputed specialist who can consult us on form and format and can help coordinate efforts to hire other specialists on blackhatworld that can generate the real Facebook traffic we need.

    Please PM me or Post in thread with your contact details so that we can discuss further. Skype is preferable.

    Have a good day!
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    Hi Alex,
    I am sure you are looking for top quality services here for your new venture. If you like what we are offering in the marketplace then we can talk on skype @ e.web2seo (service thread link in my signature)

    Thanks :)
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    Oct 5, 2013
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    Hey There

    Over the past 1 year I had consult with many start up that create the so call new social network, The reason why I've work with so many people that create social media site Its usally I am the one investing and consulting them on the things that will kickstart their business from gaining a massive amount of users that will engage from getting the viral leverage they need.

    When it come to promoting social network the thing that seem to work for many and even twitter and facebook use this way of promoting their own social network. All the top social network knew how to leverage inbound marketing. they grind and push foward on getting news network to talk about them. They went out their way to get bloggers to blog about their site.

    My favorite way I seen that get social network famous fast. its call news leveraging

    If you want me to help you increase the amount of users you currently have. and Help you guys build a powerful brand. Than contac me

    Send me your skyp e username.
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    Please Pray For My DAD
    I have been working with facebook fan page promotions for the past couple of years.If you're looking to endorse your brand with fan page promotions and fan's involvement to your website i can help you .Please Pm me.
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    PM you my skype :)