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    I have a custom made Wordpress plugin its a "content locker" if someone wants to see a video or an image of my page he should use an individual referral link and let his friends visit my site. After 4 clicks on this ref-link, the video is unlocked for him.

    I already installed it but there are some bugs, here is a site where it is integrated

    Here is the plugin to download: https://mega.co.nz/#!F8N32YYb!e9B9lfhE3SEpNcPJ5gqKw9wdJJT4j76HEg-zjNgcg8A

    This is the summary of the plugin features:

    User visits my site -> a video or picture is locked, and an individual ref-link is displayed -> he sents it to 4 friends and when they click on the link -> the content is unlocked -> the 4 friends see the content still locked, and need to send their individual ref-link to 4 friends...

    What is your price for this service?

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