[HIRE] Need SEO SalesPerson - Closers only!

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    My SEO company is in need of a good sales person comfortable talking on the phone and 'able to sell Ice Cream to an Eskimo'!


    I've been doing SEO for a little while now. Doing OK. I just got a call from a friend of mine who provides HOT leads for SEO and I have a partnership agreement with him at this point for him to send me those leads... there are people literally waiting for the phone call!

    I need someone to contact the leads via phone / email and to make the sale. I will give 30% of each sale made (1 time) to the sales person.

    You must have knowledge in SEO and must be good at phone sales. I will be selecting my sales person very carefully. This is an opportunity to make $400 per sale -- SERIOUS applicants only.

    These leads will be HOT leads meaning they have shown interest in our services to my lead providing partner and they are just waiting for us to contact them to sell them a package! This isn't a hard job and this definitely is a GREAT way to not only gain more experience with SEO, but also make some awesome money.

    Applicant must be 18+, living in the United States, and able to make the calls when lead is provided to them (not an hour later, immediately!)

    Upon closing of the sale (after contracts are signed and money is received), you will be paid immediately via paypal or money order (the choice is entirely yours).

    Please do not waste my time.
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    I can do this, pm me with details. thanks