High risk payment processor


Paypal processing for high risk projects with payment in crypto
Why an Ecom Store needs High Risk? What r u selling? Replicas?
Churn and burn PP and Stripe accounts is your best bet...those random unknown payment processors can be even worse than 180 days withheld of paypal
Paypal and STripe still remains the best option. You will need to have many of those though
whats a good high risk processor then?
It really depends.. if you have access to multiple people to whom to put the account name in, then you can rinse and repeat using any merchant... paypal, Stripe, square, etc. If you don't have access to these type of resources, you have two options. Register a business, sign up for a merchant account and build up trust with the account by using it to sell legitimate products for a period of time, and after some time then use it for what you need. This process will take longer, but in the end you will have a strong, trusted account that will be able to take chargebacks without being kicked off the platform. Alternatively, there are guys that sell verified paypal, Stripe, square, and other merchant accounts. The prices of these accounts are expensive, as they are already verified and ready to sell with. You will have to setup a debit card/bank account to withdraw to... seller can usually help with this.
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