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    Just thought i would help people make some cash. I will apply this trick myself, after i get some start up cash.

    So Everyone creates autoblogs, but they waste so much of their time creating backlinks that don't show up, pinging, bookmarking etc. So i though i'd help you guys to get those autoblogs rank higher.

    There are only 2 main steps here.

    1) create an autoblog
    2) create an open linkwheel, using d() f()ll()w video sharing sites.

    Every day when you wake up, just upload about 10- 20 videos to those sites. Make sure you are creating the open link wheel. Link to random articles on your blog and don't try to chase keywords/ longtails etc. Just random articles and the more the better, since most people are running behind those long tail keywords. Once you have 700+ articles on your blog and the related posts plugin, you should be able to achieve a blog with page rank. In the link list, add links to authority sites, like wikipedia, ehow, associated content, high ranking squids, hugs etc. A rewriter will be good but not really compulsary.

    Done !!!!!


    If you really want more tricks, id like a few thanks and rep points ;)
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