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This person or group is probably the same people who was are scamming BHW members. They go by different usernames. Beware of these newbie cheap article writing service. That's how they get you. If its too good of an offer think twice before you pay. Ask for several references or review from junior and senior members first. Also check if they paypal account is verified. You can also tell them that you will pay after the article have been reviewed by you. I too was a victim.
Anyone whining I will simply ignore because noobs (not newbs) really are annoying me lately - I say close off BHW to the public!

Know what? You and your ilk are really annoying me lately. I say close off BHW to incompetent kids/noobs and unethical and incompetent vendors such as yourself.
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Now thats what im talking about. Reviews in this section will be great!

And to what BMX said, he crack me up. He not even man enough to come here and reply.

But IMO, closing off BHW to some of these noobs would be a great idea. Have it where you have to be certain spec or did XX in order to invite people and stuff. I am part of alot of forums like that, it would cut out most of the scamming and stuff here at BHW.

All the noobs have to do is create a new username and change ip, its too open
He not even man enough to come here and reply.

He's busy making casual posts in other threads.

Look at it this way though: BMXRider's shitty, incoherent work helped Admins & Mods realize that this section requires some oversight to keep incompetent lame asses like him out of this part of the forum as vendors.

Of course the extra oversight required might mean an end to this section being free of charge for the competent vendors who are ready and willing to offer real value.

Thanks BMX!
Good Job Mods in baning people like this, it would be nice to see any service offered in this section to be approved first by the Mods. it is only a suggestion, I know it will be time consuming but it will protect to many members.
The reality is that this guy will probably continue to get new business b/c some readers will order based on what's written in his initial post. You'd be surprised how many people will pay for a service or product before checking to see if there have been any positive reviews.
looking for 5-10 articles rewritten daily-i supply the content that needs to be rewritten,...can u quote me 10 dollars 10 articles? or is rewrite cheaper?
btw- if u cannt handle the work now, I understand just let us know
lol.. these guys did not reading the thread... they just going to order...
If the OP given paypal email in his first post, this people will sent money to him..

Should I give rep ?
Place Order to "Subject" if you guys looking for quality for work and on time.
are you still taking orders? if so please pm or post payment info

2 dumb things about you.

1. not reading the thread
2. he stated his information in the first thread, why ask again? Just pay and get scammed, easy :chairshot
Lol, I ordered like right when he posted!

A lil snip from my first article. First para:

Your upbeat insurance needs literally skyrocket once you intertwine your life with others' by play a kinsfolk and whether yours is a traditional one, a single parent digit or digit you?re adopting, there are a few things that you?ll requirement to undergo about the road ahead. Finding an appropriate kinsfolk upbeat tending organisation is going to be crucial simply because there?s lowercase to nothing that provides security meliorate than pact of mind.

Christ... worse than worse..
Yeah this thread kills me. Nobody seems to read the thread and are ready to throw their money away on POS articles that are written in scrambled english at best. Not to mention he is BANNED!

People read the thread before asking for articles from a scammer that is banned! If you need articles Subject (a Jr. VIP) is offering a service too. He has a reputation here, and good reviews. If after reading this you are still ready to throw your money away PM me and I'll send you my paypal where you can send me the money instead and I'll give you nothing in return, just like you would have gotten from this guy. But I'll thank you at least :D

here's Subject's articles service: http://www.blackhatworld.com/blackh...ing-only-1-50-per-article-subject-jr-vip.html
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