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Oct 7, 2008
Unique Articles

My team will write fresh and unique articles on any subject you require. If you want, they will just write about anything which you can submit to Associated Content and get some profit ;). All articles are check for grammar & spelling errors before returning them to you so you can be assured a high quality article. The writers are mainly British and American, with several Indian writers (Don't let this put you off, they're good writers). All unique articles are written from 350-900 words guaranteed and the prices below are according to this.


10 Articles = $10
20 Articles = $20
30 Articles = $28
40 Articles = $35
50 Articles = $40
100 Articles = $75

Article Turnaround: 8-72 Hours (100+ Articles may take up to 5 days)
Payment Method: Paypal
Payment Type: Upfront
Review Copy Available: Yes (See Details Below)
Article Pass Copyscape: Yes (Duh - They're Unique)
Bulk Discount: See Above
Accepted by AC?: Yes - Guaranteed

To place an order, shoot me a PM.

Review Copy:

Yes, I am offering a review copy before somebody asks me that annoying question and there are 2 copies available. To qualify, you must be a Jr. VIP or higher. The review copy is a maximum of 10 articles (per copy) on any chosen subject.

Examples of Work:

I always get nagged to put up some examples of my previous work. NO - I will not put this up on the forum, just go along with whatever the reviewer(s) report on, nothing more, nothing less. Anyone whining I will simply ignore because noobs (not newbs) really are annoying me lately - I say close off BHW to the public!
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ill take a review copy, I should be jr vip within a matter of hours, and by the time I give my review, it will be from a jr vip
wow no reason to be rude at all you could have just said sorry and that it wasnt available to me.
Hello, I am not looking for a free review, if you can write the articles today, I will purchase 10 for 10 now, and even give a review!
Im not a Jr. Vip yet. But ill just test you out with 10 articles.

And will post review.

@ El-Plaga: Send me a PM then - 1 Review copy taken by madinaz.

@ Syed Ikhwan: You really didn't read the top very well did you... tut tut
I just ordered 10 articles. Should have them within 24hours or less.

Will be back to post review accordingly!
closed in 40 minutes. Wow. That was fast and only 13 posts. I better get in on this quick next time especially if the articles are unique.
hey bmx rider ill take that review copy now ha, I told you id be jr vip in a couple hours
Just curious but why don't you submit them to Associate Content? You will get on average $3 per article. So you will get $30 for 10 articles.
I have provided this kind of service myself. Personally I didn't submit them to AC because of turnaround time. For me one week is too long. If you provide service, you will get paid immediately. Well at least that's the reason why I didn't submit articles to AC when I offered this kind of service.

Good luck with your service BMXrider...
Because personally, AC Sucks and I get business done much faster for cheaper prices and with people
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