HIGH QUALITY Translated Content on Expired Domain and Monitized with Ezoic! Waiting for Results :)

Following. Keep up updated. Very interesting so far as I plan to do something similar
Translating from what language to what language? It's not clear.

Good luck and keep us updated please.
From other languages to English :)
Following your journey. Translated content ranks very well if a common sense cure is applied to it. How did you get premium ezoic? Do not lose positions by the speed of the site? I have normal ezoic and the speed is bad.
I've got many sites on Ezoic before that, I've beening using Ezoic for last 3 years, seems rankings shaken by Google updates, not speed thou. Remember to integrate by DNS, not the Wordpress plugin.
Manual translation or automated (deepl for example)?
Manually :)
Good luck, How exactly are you using translated content?

I mean how you are automating it.
Things done manually by hand, not automated :)
Good luck for Journey. :)

How to translated content? what is the method?
Use Deepl Translator :)
Can you tell us how do you make your website look like the old one? That you get from the waybackmachine archive? And how do you upload to your new WordPress? Also you said you drip contents slowly so Google won't penalize it, how many contents your posting daily? How much is considered as being safe? Thank you.
  1. I only re-build the pages with most links sent to :)
  2. 10 posts daily
  3. To be safe, post your content 2 articles daily and after a week double the amount. I think less than 15 articles a day seems legit for a personal blog :)
What do you call "high quality trasnlation" : deepl + proofreading?

You're not afraid to have DMCA request?
Deepl and proof reading if necessary, most of the time I don't proof read as after some articles I"ve found the quality is decent enough.
How did you got approved with translated content without any traffic ? can you give more details about that
I've got Ezoic account and sites on their platforms way back :) So as soon as sites got some traffic, I'll add them to Ezoic and wait for reviews being done.





With very minimum effort to produce content, I'm happy with the rankings and earning for now.

Some stats from G.Analytics too


What I've done:
  • Schedule translated content: 10 - 20 posts a day in the last 2, 3 months
  • Applied and got approved by Ezoic
Signals telling me this could be a successful case
  • Expired domain from old Tech Organization
  • Drip feed content slowly, so Google doesn't penalize the site
  • KWs picked up pretty fast
Earned: ~ $3 so far
Cost: All done by myself manually. So FREE! Lol.





you said you are using Deepl translation. what about the pictures ?
Following. Planning to create automated websites like that in near future with few twists and apply for display ads networks ;)
Are you optimising this translated content for English keywords or just posting as is?
What plugin was used in your first post to view the WP posts/word count?

Also, what's your internal linking and see strategy?
how long until ur expired domain saw traffic?

I myself used 301 redirect to a brand new domain only a week ago, so wondering about your experience. thanks
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