High-Quality Content at Great Prices! Filling posts with a minimum of 1,500 words... Cheap!

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I'm looking for someone to write CONTENT for GAMBLING, for a long term partnership!

I am interested in the price per 1000 words!?

What the task will be:

1. Article should be 900-1100 (H1;H2;H3)
2. Content for gambling.
3. The text must be unique 80%-100%
4.There must be a keyword at the beginning of the text (discuss)

We check the text through Copyscape and Copywritely!

If you are interested, send me an email: [email protected]
As per the configuration of our service, our articles have not yet reached under 1,500 words in around 500 articles - with that in mind, articles can be configured to suit the needs of your Copyscape and Copywritely reports.

Let me know if that's cool with you, I'll leave an email now.
Please give me a review copy, thanks
I gave everyone eligable a message, anyone with below the requirements please message me with an article title or profession to write about and I'll provide a free article.
Guys, get your articles from @CPANathan he will write you all some very nice articles for cheap. I´m very happy with the ones he wrote for me when he launched this thread.

I can really recommend his work.
We have been cleaning up the cleaning up the process and working on more features since, really looking forward to doing another sale up!

Thanks for the post handsome, hope all is well.
Unfortunately there are no more review copies available, @marty3 if you'd like to message me I can provide some. :)
Not open for further replies.
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