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    Hi, I want 3-8 very high quality oneway backlinks with the following conditions:-

    1. Links from sites at least 5 years old, listed in Dmoz or Yahoo directory, or sites/blogs with very high "technorati authority". If technorati authority is over 1500, the age of domain restriction can be relaxed!(I can give you a few examples on what kinds of sites I want links from)

    2. Sites must not be a part of any link buying/selling network, not part of any auto linking programs, must not be "actively" selling links and search engines must not know they have sold links.

    3. Sites must be related to our sites' niche and market. Or if they are authority sites at least the article/blog post must be relevant to our site.

    4. You have to ask the webmaster/owner for link. If you strike a great deal, you are entitled for bonuses.

    5. Obviously links have to be "real live links" not in javascript, no followed etc. No free forums, blogs, blogs comments links - not the links that can be had for free or too easily - you get the idea.

    6. Links have to be in content, in articles or blog posts. (The site can be a blog if it meets all the other conditions.) In rare cases they can be directory links (links in a directory of a site, the site itself shouldn't be a directory) if the site they are from are very high quality and kick ass authority and their directory contains a handful of high quality sites.

    7. I have to wait for some time after receiving links so I can observe the links stay.

    Please quote a price for this.
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