High converting PPL AND Revshare Offer -> Need traffic (email list, SEO, etc.)

Discussion in 'Hire a Freelancer' started by KnackForMoney, Jul 14, 2016.

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    @KnackForMoney has been banned for scamming; if you choose to deal with him it is on you.

    Personally if you deal with him I think you're nuts.

    Hey guys,
    I have already launched a marketing (automation) tool in Europe and now I am looking to bring some of that to the US market (doesn't have to be US traffic though).

    What is the offer about

    The offer is a tool - automation, but pretty unique and fresh!!

    It has been converting really good with email traffic (or organic traffic as well -> from YT or SEO) within the making money (inet marketing) niche!

    What's in it for you?

    Well, if you got any sort of internet marketing/how to make money online traffic, you will benefit greatly from it.

    • high conversion rates with pretty much lots of demographics, as long as the traffic is in the how to make money niche
    • low refund rates
    • high percentage of people become long term member: the software is using monthly billing
    • you will get a commission per sale PLUS a percentage of rev share
    • the more user you bring, the higher your payouts will be
    • many more potential upsells that we can agree on too for another share of the profits

    So this is a great opportunity to cash in on your traffic if you wanna make (1) the most of your traffic and (2) wanna make long term income :)

    Just PM me or respond in this thread if you want more information or work with me now :)


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