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    newbie question
    I try achieve no1 slowly for one high competition keyword at mark 90 (high competition from adwords point of view)
    Week Rank
    2012-37 6
    2012-36 6
    2012-35 6
    2012-34 8
    2012-33 9
    2012-32 20
    2012-31 20
    2012-30 23
    2012-29 23
    2012-28 20

    I am a "pyramider" and "linkwheeler" by nature
    Once i attack on similar way some easy keyword

    Becouse keyword was easy many of my backlinks overtake my main url for month or two, but at end my main url become no1, and i think big majority of top 10 links were my tiers....but that was easy keyword

    My question for this "hard" keyword: my no1 page authority backlink is my youtube channel (measured by TT), this is also one of my tiers, so i wonder (since yt channel looks to have "no follow" backlinks) should i make effort (or not) with putting "hard keyword" juice to this my youtube channel ?

    Why i am asking this? Because i dont want MY youtube channel tier to get better rank then my main keyword (like it happen in previus my experiment a few months ago). Can "pushing juice" to my YT tier help my main website? or will i just make my self competition to beat ?

    Sorry for my not so good english, i tried to be as descriptive as possible

    Thanks for help in advance
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    always use high quality links with main keyword targeting to money site and mix of nofollow and do-follow links to tier links. otherwise this issue will come.
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    If your youtube chanel is optimized "intitle" with the same keyword as your site.

    There are chances it can rank higher based on the authority of youtube.com .

    If it aint broke dont fix it !!!!!!!!!!!
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