hiding youtube "sig" on a WP blog post......?

Discussion in 'Blogging' started by halifax123, Dec 15, 2010.

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    hey all,

    found a youtube vid for the same product niche. So I placed the embed on my site on "mysite.com/niche"

    The vid has the "sig and domain" of the guy who himself copied it from the main advertiser, on the lower portion of the viewable screen. I dont have any tech skill or camtasia or anything else, so I used an css/text "image overlay" not a true "border" to hide the lower part of the vid, it's a 485X65 black image, at position 600X50 on the niche page of my site, and that hides the sig/domain stuff, and does the trick!

    The vid location stays static, because that page and post is what I want, where I need it, seems to work fine.......I"M happy! ALMOST!

    unfortunately WP or the theme by default also places any posts anywhere on my site on the "homepage" as well, and of course pushes posts lower to give room for the "latest post" on that home page....

    and so the "fixed" image that hides the sig/domain of the vid, is now shown and leave a stupid black 480X65 image just standing there!!! "in the middle of the street"!

    so specifically the problem is the location of the post on the homepage as the vid is no longer static when it appears on the homepage, on the page mysite.com/niche eveyrthing is still a ok, but the homepage displays what I don;t want

    any suggestions on a fix?


    So I placed the embed of a youtube vid for the same product
    within post on my site, that is not the home page of my site, but the default for the theme throws that post with its vid on the homepage aswell

    so that's the prob, when it shows up on the home page as well, the post is now duynamic, because it's like a repositry for all posts, and it shoevs the previous post "down" to make room for the "latest post"

    well that "shoving" action moves ..... so I used a css/text border image, to hide the sig
    of the guy who posted it on youtube...that's great it hides his
    "camtasia overlayed signature and domain" (I assume camtasia)

    SO that works fine!! The problem is the post also displays on the
    main page of my site, and of course the "border image" is still fixed
    at the same coordinates to hide the sig, but when the vid shows on the
    main page in the post, the location of the vid is "fluid" and the
    border image over the lower portion of the youtube vid is no longer
    covering the sig

    any clue on how to resolve?

    thanks peep


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    You could
    A - Download the original video yourself and then put your own website on it the same as the other guy did. If you can get that video then download the one your using, block out his website with a block that has your website instead. Then upload to your own yt account and link to that one instead of his. It's easier than you think to do that and you don't need camtasia. I've done simple things like that with just windows movie maker.

    B - If your happy with how you did it with the css on the posts page, and don't really need it to be on the main page at all then just change the post date on that article to make it older than the rest of the ones on your home page. Then that article won't even show up there at all.

    C - if you have a plugin or theme that lets you edit the excerpts, then you can just create a custom excerpt that will show up on the home page instead of the default excerpt, but the regular article will show up on the post page formatted they way you made it.