Hidden Secrets of Money: have BHWers seen this video series?


Jul 17, 2008

A few months ago, I stumbled upon this educational video series on youtube called Hidden Secrets of Money, which is about currencies, the global economy, wealth cycles, investments, etc...

It is very high quality videos with good educational information in them. There is currently a total of five videos in this series. If you haven't seen it, here's the first part:

I recommend watching all the videoes, you will learn a lot, especially part 4 about how currencies are created.

Often, many videos discussing topics like this sounds like conspiracy theories. However, I really like the guy in these videos. I have seen many of his videos on several of his channels, and for me, his credibility remains.

What are BHW's thoughts on this? Are you concerned about the future of the global economy and the currencies we use? Are you investing your earnings in stocks, gold/silver, bitcoins or other stuff? Or are you simply keeping currency in a savings account? What are you doing with your money to create wealth in the long term and to protect it?
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Part of believes that the people on top, the owners of the world banks, the elites, (whatever you want to call them) are pushing for a one world currency.

For a while, Ripple seemed like it might be exactly this, but I'm not so sure anymore.

Great videos though, something every single kid should have to watch in history class.
What are you doing with your money to create wealth in the long term and to protect it?

It all depends on your own estimation of what will happen and when. If you believe that in 1 month the civilization as we know it is coming to an end, the steps you need to take are much much different than if you think we are going into a half-a-century long depression.
You do realise the guy in videos is a gold shill and basically marketing his company, right?

I'm aware that his company sells gold and silver. However, that doesn't make me think all he's saying is bullshit. Many of his earlier predictions from 8-9 years ago came true, about the housing bubble and the fed's stepping up the printing of dollars.
It's not bullshit, just be careful when he says you should hold gold and silver, that's not a good idea. Stocks and bonds are always a better option.
So he is saying that money is shit and gold is the thing.
Afterwards he is offering you gold in exchange for money?
Seems legit
So he is saying that money is shit and gold is the thing.
Afterwards he is offering you gold in exchange for money?
Seems legit
Yeah, he is pretty much saying that currencies are bad. We only use currencies since they are acceptable right now. This guy invests 90% of his savings in silver, and 10% gold.
In one video he states that it is not gold/silver that is important, but investing in anything that has real value, especially if it's undervalued (purchasing power against another item of value), and watch out for "bubbles". Trade overvalued with undervalued assets. And when the economic cycles change what is over/under-valued, then trade again. That'll result in always profiting and creating wealth in the long term.
So anyone have gold or silver?
Not as accessories but for storing value
He's a shill. Don't watch and buy, like ever. Watch and learn, and after three videos you'll realize that he is saying the same thing over and over.

Also, he did a big pump and dump on silver a couple years ago when silver was like $34/oz, saying silver was gonna keep going up. Now it's like $19. And guess who profited from that? Him selling his silver to the people he told to buy the silver, haha.
I think this was the same guy that was super anti Bitcoin half a year ago and now suddenly he accepts Bitcoin on his site. LOL
EDIT: Nah, I think it was a different guy.
This guy is totally for Bitcoins. That could be the solution to a free globally recognized currency and free markets. As long as governments has the opportunity to print money, and the banks are taking a % of every transaction, there cannot be a free market.

If anyone is planning on investing in gold/silver, get coins, not bars!! Coins work as official currecy, for example a 1 ounce Canadian maple leaf, and you can easily bring them in you carry-ons between countries. If you get stopped in an airport and they try to value your silver/gold, with the bars they can make you pay VAT etc... but the official coins are currency, and free for VAT, and it says what they are worth. 1 oz official silver coin has an official value of 5 canadian dollars, and you can use them in stores to pay for something that costs $5, but that would be stupid since the market value is well over $20 right now, and silver is even highly undervalued at the moment.
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