Hello everyone !

I've been lurking on and off this forum for quite some time now.
I just read a thread about someone asking how to market their automation skills aaannddd turns out I'm studying programming as well so that made me want to create an account as well and explore the possibilities my skills could create for me.

Happy to be part of the community !

programming is a valuable tool in this forum, and if you build other people's ideas you start to learn a lot for yourself as well!
Thank you everyone !

I studied web development for 3 years and I'm getting a master in cyber security now (I'm in my first year).

I created a few discord bots with friends for fun, a few scripts to prank my classmate when they forget to lock their computer and leave the classroom.

I started getting interested in scripting when I tried CTF challenges, it taught me the basics. I made a few python projects before so I wasn't a total noob, but scripting and making a backend are too very different things, it was super interesting and refreshing !

Right now I'm working part time (we're part time in school and part time working as interns) as a site reliability engineer (SRE), but that's just a big word to say I'm doing DevOps and dabling into security.
I'm currently automating tools used by our dev teams
(if that's too vague here is an example : we decided we want to group all of our databases logs into one pretty kibana dashboard so people can find them easily and read them without wanting to die immediately lmao.
I'm using salt to configure the tools used to group them and send them in the right place, parse them, index them etc..)

I also have a good grasp of deployment bc I spent half of 2022 creating clusters and deploying stacks and tools (mainly docker and kunernetes, but I can use Ansible and the likes as well if needed).

I know PHP (it was my first langage actually, it holds a very dear place in my heart ... even though I do not want to use it if I can use java or python instead ) JS (although I'm not brave enough to like vanilla JS) / node, python, C#, java.
I'm not into front end but I know React and Angular.

Sure pm me !
That's a great set of knowledge. Also cybersecurity is a big WIN for companies nowadays!
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