Hi to everyone , I'm new and I would like to know if somebody can help me with a contest

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    Aug 1, 2012
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    Hello there! I found blackhat doing some research about how to get votes on contests online.
    SO i know forums have rules and all that so i don't want to post my request till i know better where is right to post this kind of things.

    So my baby is participating in a contest where lots of votes are required. At this point she's in 15th place and we got 1,600 votes. As far as i know first place must be now around 10,000 votes aprox. so i think of a way to get more because it seems impossible to get so much votes in short time (it ends aug/9) and i think the others are doing "something" to get so much votes . one girl i know got over 1,000 in 2 days! obviously no one has so many people to follow a hideous process (it requires to fill a form, then email verification. you can vote daily) in such short time!

    so i was guessing if i could just put it up to microworkers or ask here if there is another way... i was doing my best, stayed in front of pc for hours creating a database of all my contacts at fb, creating mails i could access easily because not many people are in the mood to do this every single day... and voting like crazy.. still i made around 300 votes in 1 hour and i only got one spot above or even nothing!

    so i think i need 1000 votes daily to get somewhere...

    well if anyone can give me lights on this i would appreciate it. i can also help you if it is in my hands