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    I suppose I should get this out of the way. I'm not necessarily a new member, as I've been registered for nearly 2 years. However, I never really posted here; mainly just lurked and read.

    BHW is a primary resource for me, however. Especially with all of the recent updates from Google. Most SEO forums are pretty empty as far as information regarding these updates go, but I really like the way BHW handles them, pooling their information together to draw conclusions.

    I've been doing SEO for about 2 years now and got started with the Market Motive SEO Master Consultant training videos. Before those, I was always intimidated by the field as I have focused most of my training over the past 10-12 years on website and graphics design. I've also studied computer networking and security since I decided going to college for website design was a waste of time considering how easy it is to outsource projects.

    Once I made the connection between SEO and website design, though, it was pretty natural. I see SEO mostly as how to properly design websites, how to use tags, link/URL structure, etc. So it's come very easily to me, most technical fields that I apply myself to do, but this one has been very natural, primarily in regards to on-site SEO.

    So far I've only SEO'd a couple of websites as I have done the bulk of my work for companies as opposed to my own personal projects. One is ranked #1 for several competitive keywords and page 1 for most related keywords. The other is underway right now, but has gone very well. Only a couple months old and getting picked up for many long tail keywords already and I have high hopes for this project as it's the first that is my company.

    Anyways, my name is Chris, I'm 27 years old and I currently reside in the Midwest. Originally from Northern California, I've also lived in Southern Oregon and Southern California where I attended college. I have a fiance, a 2 year old daughter, 2 dogs, I love Volvo cars, learning and writing.

    My main tools are extremely thorough on-site SEO, logical thinking/common sense, Scrapebox, XRumer, private proxies, SpinChimp and most recently SENuke X.

    I specialize in Joomla CMS, WordPress, Dreamweaver, Photoshop and mainly website design.

    My goals are to build a successful company on the internet retailing merchandise and/or supplementing my income online somehow... That's my next task. :)